10 Cool Chrome Extensions (That’ll Break Into Your Home and Steal Your Stuff If You Don’t Use Them)

What’s up guys, I’m ThioJoe, and today is another video about cool browser extensions for Google Chrome that you might not know about. Obviously you probably won’t want to install every single one, but hopefully at least some of them will be useful to you. Before we jump in, it is imperative that I do my shameless plugs […]

Mobile Performance from the Radio Up: Battery, Latency and Bandwidth Optimization – Google I/O 2013

ILYA GRIGORIK: Hi everyone, my name is Ilya Grigorik. I’m a developer advocate on the Make the Web Fast Team at Google. And today I want to talk to you about Mobile Performance from Radio Up, which is to say, taking a lower level look at how the radio works, and what we can learn about it to […]

Building a Media Player #5: The Server-side Node.js Code

PAUL LEWIS: Hello, and welcome to yet another developer diary. So to this point, I’ve shown prototypes and explained a little bit of theory. But finally– finally, but finally, we actually get on to talking about what’s been going on in the actual application code. And in this entry, I think I’m going to mostly concentrate on the […]

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