Brie Larson & tWitch Assemble to Play the New Marvel ‘Heads Up!’ Decks

We are officially one week away from Thanksgiving, so everyone– yes. [AUDIENCE APPLAUSE] It’s a very exciting time around here. Everyone in Beverly Hills is getting their yams enlarged, and– I don’t even know what that means. Thanksgiving is all about spending time with family, making memories, getting drunk before anyone can bring up impeachment hearings. But there […]

Chris Evans on Being Cast as Captain America (2011) | MTV News | #TBMTV

– For a lot of people when a role like Captain America is presented to them, they’re gonna jump at it. They’re gonna say, okay sign me up, when, where and how. I know you wrestled with this – Yeah. – You took this very seriously before you signed on. Did you go as granularly as kind of […]

Avengers Cast on Premiere, Favorite Lines, Matching Tattoos & Birthday Gifts

You know, every Spring at about this time tonight’s guests drop by to share their plans to save the world. This year they really have their work cut out for them. The action unfolds in “Avengers, End Game.” It opens April 26. Please welcome Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, and Paul Rudd! [APPLAUSE] Welcome. Look at […]

The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Play Marvel Trivia | MTV News

– Surely you can name all six of the Infinity Stones. – No. – Okay, that’s…that’s fair. – Please name all six of the Infinity Stones for me. – Yellow, blue, red, green. – The colors? Or the names? – Gold. Rose gold. – Sly Family. – Sly and the Family. – There’s Oliver. – Oliver. (laughter) – […]

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Answer Your Burning Questions | MTV News

– If Jesus Christ was from Boston, he would look like Chris Evans. – Right. That’s right. – Facial hair. Very controversial. Bearded or un-bearded. – The first one’s a little too Top Gun for me. It’s a bit like ‘Hey, it’s Lighter. You sick?’ – I’m not a man to be judgemental about beards, right now. – […]

? ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Plays ‘Know Your Chris’ ? | MTV News

– Let’s see how well you know your ‘Chris’es. – Okay. – Okay. – Which Chris did this, okay? – We’ve got some propage for you. Raise the appropriate Chris. – Oh, Fun game. (Letitia laughs) – Props are always good. – Clearly the one that didn’t get all the nutrients. (Josh, Zoe, and Chris laugh) – Oh […]

David Tennant doesn’t understand the ?? emojis ? | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

You would think having lots of children would keep you kind of young, tech-savvy, you would know what is going on, but, David Tennant, this has not happened for you. You recently found out you’d got left behind in the world of texting and things. Well, yeah, because now, when you start jobs, because of the Me Too […]

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