CHINESE Newspaper: US – CHINA Summit is a ‘big success’

The two major powers are “clearly on track to develop bilateral cooperation” after an uncertain time. The editorial says both China and the United States can not pay the price if the two sides abandon the means to cooperate. Although covered by a missile attack targeting a Syrian airbase, the two-day discussion at the Mar-a-Lago resort also focused […]

News Wrap: China bars U.S. military from Hong Kong

JOHN YANG: In the day’s other news: There were more demonstrations in Iraq, even after Parliament accepted the prime minister’s resignation. Women led a protest in the southern city of Basra, demanding the entire government be dismissed. And, in Baghdad, protesters also insisted on more changes. FAYIZA ABDUL HASSAN, Iraqi Protester (through translator): We do not want the […]

Impeachment After Dark: Trump and Boris Johnson Got Parent-Trapped

♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ] -[As Donald Trump] Thank me. Thank me. Welcome back to “Impeachment After Dark Live,” the only TV show that’s being sued by six federal judges and all 12 Vanderpumps. [ Laughter ] it’s fantastic, folks. Now, I cancelled my press conference today so I could be here to recap the deranged details […]

News Wrap: Trump says he might delay China trade deal until after 2020 election

In the day’s other news: President Trump’s first day at the NATO summit was marked by a clash with French President Emmanuel Macron. He criticized Macron for saying that the alliance suffers from — quote — “brain death.” But the French leader stood by his criticism. We will have a detailed report after the news summary. As he […]

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