Hao met his fav star, Myungsub! [The Return of Superman/2020.04.26]

Haoh, someone important will be visiting us today. You and I will make ssanghwa tea. “Ssanghwa tea”. – Yes. Ssanghwa tea. / – The visitor – must be someone older. / – Ssanghwa tea is made with various herbal medicines. We have to boil it. – He knows they have to boil it. / – Yes, we boil […]

Nickelodeon Takes Over Your School Television Commercial (1989)

>>Narrator: Special Delivery we’ll be back after these messages.>>Shh (music – carnival games style)>>Narrator: Nothing can stop them, no school is safe.>>Marc Summers: Nickelodeon wants to come and take over your school.>>Mrs. Tash: Don’t enter, whatever you do you do not want to enter.>>Mr. Wizard: And we’ll make it day a day you’ll never forget.>>Mr. Kramer: You do […]

Disney Parks Disney Reservation Center UP Television Commercial (2015)

>>FATHER: Hey what are you doing there?>>MOTHER: Chatting with a woman named Kate from Disney World, (typing: family of four)>>KATE: How old are the kids? [music] Hang on a moment ah, oh. here we go [knocking] I found this on your roof. You know if you shift your trip to a week later you may be able to […]

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