Biden’s comment on black voters leaves ‘The Five’ speechless

Joe Biden walking back controversial comments he made about undecided african-american voters it came during an interview with Breakfast Club radio host Charlamagne tha God the former vice president was touting his record and support for the black community when he said this we don’t get so much that’s really our time I apologize you can’t do that […]

The Shop: UNINTERRUPTED: Charlamagne on Off-Limits Topics for Media Personalities (S2 E3 Clip) | HBO

Is anything off limits? Yeah, I think as you get– I think it’s– MAN: He can tell by the way you said, “Yeah.” I mean, for me, you know, when I get older and you know, just growing in life and learning to have a little bit more empathy for people, I think that you look at situations […]