New Studio Facilities (TV, Radio & Languages) – University of South Australia

Hi I’m Kerry Green, I’m the Head of the School of Communication, International Studies and Languages. The school has three new spaces. The first is a brand new radio station and studio. We have a refurbished television studio and we have a multimedia languages facility. The new spaces, the new studios, are part of a process called Step […]

The Media (The Vietnam War)

The Media (The Vietnam War) The Vietnam War is often referred to as the first “television war.” Media coverage showed the American public the reality of a foreign war, detached from the government’s optimistic depiction uncensored on their televisions at home. During the 1960’s, there was a huge increase in television ownership in American households. And news shows […]

Dyneema rope VS steel rope – strength test – break test

12 strand Dyneema is a type rope that’s manufactured with Dyneema fiber It is an excellent alternative to steel cable and has many positive caracteristics extremely high strength lightweight abrasion resistant low stretch floats on water splice able wear-resistant and flexible The following demonstration will compare the strength and break characteristic of 12 strand Dyneema rope with that […]

**Award Winning** CGI & VFX Short Film: “Dragon”s Scale” – by Media Design School

Stay close Becareful (stammers) Thhh…this way. This way. Father! I could… k.. I could… Keep going? I don’t know. We should go back. No I’m ready Take this I…I… I’ll be back before nightfall Looking for something? Uh huh Maybe I can help You will get lost, you know What are you looking for? D..d…dragon. I’m looking for […]

Reporter/Backpack™ – System Connectors – OP/TECH USA

[music playing] Hi. I’m Frank Simpson for OP/TECH USA. I’m here today to tell you about the Reporter/Backpack Adaptor System Connectors. Part of the incredibly versatile Uni-Loop series of system connectors, the Reporter/Backpack Adaptor allows you to add a second camera or binoculars to a single neck strap. Or to add a strap attachment to the shoulder straps […]

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