Pinterest For Photographers | The Hidden Social Media Marketing Tool Trailer

– Pinterest is a place that people go to discover, to be inspired. And if you’re the type of photographer that creates inspiring images, well, then it’s kind of where you need to be. A lot of people think that Pinterest is only for mommy bloggers and DIY craft experts. However, it’s incredibly misunderstood. 250 million people use […]

JNR Media Solutions

Having a great marketing plan and strategy is what propels a business forward. Having an intelligent product that aligns video production with vision, will capture a diverse market. Finding a solution that merges identity, packaging, environment, design, promotions, social media and multimedia, ensures your brand stands out from the rest. Introducing JNR Media Solutions LLC. Our insightful boutique […]

From Newspaper to Wedding Photojournalism Cliff Mautner Part 1: The ReDefine Show with Tamara Lackey

Hi, I’m Tamara Lackey on this episode of reDefine Show for AdoramaTV. I speak with fellow Nikon ambassador photojournalist and wedding photographer Cliff Mautner about transitioning out of newspaper photography into the physically and mentally demanding world of wedding photography. Cliff tells out what he’s learned, and what he teaches about shooting grand award-winning work. Check it out. […]

GoPro Media Team Tips and Tricks: Fetch (Dog Harness) (Ep 23)

How’s it going guys? Christopher Farro here from the Product Education Team. Today we’re in Vail, Colorado and we have a very special guest, one of our top marquee athletes – Floyd the skateboard riding bulldog. So today we’re going to be going through Fetch, the dog harness. This is a new mount by GoPro. It’s for getting […]

BREAKING NEWS !!! The Upcoming Canon G7X Mark III Is The Powerful Yet Compact Camera

the conceptual canon g7x mark 3 is the design work of ricardo beretta and identifies a number of potential updates that would help to upgrade the brands lineup of compact cameras in a big way canon rumors notes that a number of features and specs can be figured out from what’s seen in these photos positioned as the […]

Television and Digital Media Production Commercial, Fall 2018

Want to be a storyteller? The Television and Digital Media Production program at Ferris State University is the create space for you. At Ferris, you will apply creative and technical skills to create stories worth telling. You will be immersed in your learning. You will practice every part of the production process. You will create in state-of-the-art facilities […]

How Was Video Invented?

[Click] [High-pitched CRT TV noise] Film is a very straightforward technology. It just involves taking a two-dimensional image, and focusing it on to a two-dimensional piece of film, and there you have a photo. But video, and by that, I mean moving electronic images, has a very different history with a lot of changes that have really transformed […]

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