Chrome 62: Improved Network Information API, Support for OpenType Variable Fonts and more!

PETE LEPAGE: Chrome 62 makes the Network Information API more useful by providing actual performance metrics instead of theoretical results. Support for OpenType variable fonts has landed, you can capture media streams from HTML media elements, and I’ve got a special reminder about an important change that’s landing in Chrome 62 at the end of this video. So, […]

XSS on Google Search – Sanitizing HTML in The Client?

Google Search is arguably the frontpage of the Internet, and it’s search bar has been hammered with untrusted user-input for decades. That’s why I would have never thought to ever experience something like a live XSS on Google Search myself. That was, until I was sent the following URL. I see this weird string in the search bar […]

How To Make Google My Homepage in Mozilla Firefox,Google Chrome etc

Hey guysů Today, I am going to show you how to make Google your homepage in Mozilla Firefox. Click the Big Firefox button at the top. Then click Options. Enter into the space under Show my home page option. Click OK and you are done. Now click the Home button at the top to load your new […]

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