Madison, Wisconsin “Shaken” by Shooting at Community Radio Station WORT-FM

And before we end, I wanted to ask you about what happened in Madison, where you are right now, in Madison, Wisconsin, a masked gunman opening fire in Madison community radio station WORT early on Sunday morning, in the middle of the night, injuring one person. A station DJ was shot, taken to the hospital, later discharged. The […]

Photographic Evidence Links Bill Clinton With Lolita Express & Corporate Media Clamor For War

There’ve been quite a few new developments in the Jeffrey Epstein case in just the last few days. I have Farron Cousins from the trial lawyer magazine with me now to talk about those new developments. Farron, you know, this story is really never going to go away. You understand, we’ll still be reporting on the Epstein saga, […]

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