Behavioral Change in the Age of Social Media: Marshall Goldsmith

[MUSIC] Hi, I’m here today in Rancho Santa Fe, California, sitting with Marshall Goldsmith, and we’re going to talk about a number of things. We’re going to talk about digital media and social media, leadership, and behavioral change. Marshall, thanks for joining me today.>>Happy to be here.>>It’s so great to see you. We all have our phones in […]

Interview with Tony Besasie, President of Cannella Response Television

I sat down with Tony Besasie, President of Cannella Response Television. My interview with Tony is part of a series called “Marketing Experts on This Works Marketing.” Ken: So I wanted, I wanted to get into a couple of things because a lot of people who watch this content that are, they’re big brands and they’re people that […]

SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEW – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr – 2018/2019 branding advice

hey guys welcome back to TohirT’s channel Tohir is here I hope you guys had a fantastic week well one more week and plus three days to go in 2018 I hope you’re all done with your holiday shopping you’re back with your family enjoying your weekend getting ready for the Christmas that’s coming up three days after […]

Social Media Marketing | Social Media Marketing Principles You Might Not Know (English/Chinese Sub)

Hey, what’s up guys, It’s Janus Tiu. In case you who I am, I am a brand strategist. In short, I design brands. But I believe good designs are not enough. We need extraordinary designs that improve conversation rate and increase revenue. Today I am gonna tell you the principles to sell more by using social media marketing. […]

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