Here Are the Nominees for the 2020 GLAAD Media Awards | THR News

(gun firing) – [Soldier] We can’t possibly make it that way, man, are you bloody insane? – Award season is in full swing. The Producers Guild has now unveiled its movie and TV nominations with Golden Globes Best Motion Picture Drama winner “1917” and Best Motion Picture Comedy winner “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” both up for […]

Huge News for the First Same-Sex Couple on “Bachelor in Paradise” – Lights Out with David Spade

In devastating news, Bachelor in Paradise’s first same-sex couple have decided to break their engagement. -What?! -Wow, wow. -What? -I’m shocked to my very core. I can’t believe that didn’t last forever. Yeah. I can’t believe a-a fabricated relationship on a show that’s trying to get ratings didn’t work. Yeah. Well, I-I don’t know how to feel about […]