Venezuelan news Petro | ETH Vitaliy Buterin | Thai scam | Korean music blockchain news

hey guys it’s Lewis are you ready to learn about the top events in the crypto world in today’s episode the price of BTC is growing but it’s still too early to sell it we will tell you when petro cryptocurrencies scams have reached the state level how to drive up over 250,000 dollars trades on an exchange […]

Blockchain For Copyright In Radio – a VRT Sandbox Project (subs available)

Distributing and paying music rights is tough When MNM plays a song by Bazart the network has to complete a form and send it to the institution that manages Bazart’s music rights It determines Bazart’s earnings according to a distribution key Up to nine months after the song is broadcast Bazart gets paid Minus the costs, of course […]

▶️ Comprehensive Blockchain Social Media Platforms Review IV | EP#198

Hey everyone, Scott Cunningham aka @scottcbusiness today we are back for the fourth comprehensive review of blockchain social platforms so for the bulk of this I’m going to just be going through my top recommendations because I’ve reviewed over a hundred platforms and most of them I would not recommend unfortunately because what we’ll dive into the actual […]

IoTeX News EP15

Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s news digest, here are the latest updates for you. So part 2 of our campaign “Naming the Mainnet Preview” has already started and you still have some time left to participate since the campaign will end on November 4th 11 p.m. PDT. Also we have posted a brief summary from our recent […]

IoTeX News EP13

Hello, our Dear Community! Welcome to this week’s News Digest. Here are the latest updates for you. So this week, we have introduced a brand new campaign for our community. It started on October 16th and it is still ongoing. So the idea of the campaign is for you to play around with executing smart contracts in our […]

IoTeX News EP4

Hi guys! Welcome to this week’s news digest. This week we have been continuing to announce more partnerships and one of them is a partnership with Weeve. This is a Berlin-based blockchain company, that is building a decentralized platform to transform IoT data into tradeable digital assets. Currently the problem with IoT data is that it is stored […]

Public Television Blockchain against the counterfeit

[] Struggle against the counterfeit is chronic character Vladimir Putin Hello, Me name Dmitry Lyskov and this program True and here topic our discussions today Counterfeit remains serious problem of the current market Is there a chance to win pirates neither in one specific industry and in whole, in scale states and can be 00: 00: 36.300> and […]

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