[NEWS] Girls’ Generation’s New Unit Oh!GG Unveiled — K-POPNL

K-pop Nederland • NEWS Girls’ Generation’s New Unit Oh!GG Unveiled SM Entertainment unveiled their newest sub unit for Girls’ Generation today. Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG is the name. Its suffix combines 2 words. Oh! refers to the Korean word OJIDA which means cool and nice. GG is the western abbreviation of Girls’ Generation. Combined it makes -Oh!GG. The sub unit […]

Reporter Mess Up At Grammys Branson – What really happened – 2011 Original Blooper HARRY BAALS Fail

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Breaking up big tech | IN 60 SECONDS

Democrats and Republicans alike have jumped on the “break ’em up” bandwagon, embracing antitrust solutions to rein in the behavior of technology giants. These would-be trust-busters claim that Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook crush startups and shut out innovation. But do these activists need a reality check? For instance, Amazon controls just 5% of the […]

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