From ‘Marriage Story’ to ‘The Morning Show,’ highlights from the Golden Globe nominations

-The Golden Globe nominations are in, marking the start of the 2020 award season. While the highly hyped “Marriage Story” and “The Irishman” go head-to-head in the movie categories, Apple TV is getting more attention with its nominations for “The Morning Show.” -My lift just ended for no good reason. -Let’s start off with the big-screen highlights. -Netflix […]

Iain Armitage’s Adorable Compliment To Kelly Made Her Want To End The Show And ‘Go Cry’

– So what are you holding? – Okay, so this is for you. It’s a piece of raw Selenite. – Oh, I love gems, I love stones, yeah– – It’s a little bit like Gypsum. They’re kind of the same thing, but they form differently. – Yes! – So this refracts light in a really cool way. – […]