Breaking Into Prison: Drug Smuggling on the Inside

There’s a thriving black market operating in Britain’s prisons with a record number of contraband being smuggled in every day. Controlled drug, firearm, offensive weapon, alcohol, mobile telephone, we’ve got tobacco, money, computer equipment, maximum penalty two years’ imprisonment. But I know these things are getting in there, I know they are. I want to know who’s doing […]

Our Down’s Syndrome Twins | Living Differently

Both boys have escaped from here five or six times between them,and we’ve had to have the police involved, helicopters,police dogs…They were just escape artists.The boys were diagnosed with autism when they were two and a quarter.It was quite evident there was something not quite right,erm, with them.You’d come home from work and there’s no response.Mm-hmm.Mark would just […]

Life And Love Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 2

Stay away from that car! Oi! Oi!Look, they’re all on the corner now. Can you see them all? There’s another one there. Bloody hell. That’s six already that’s out. The police and the council have brought this area lower than it’s ever been before. won’t give it up, because I like to earn money. ‘Where I’m from, you’ll […]

Life Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 1

this young I need some tissue good loss to me I’m bag I got I got attacked you know and last week about something the neck singing I stabbed in the neck a client stabbed me in the neck he asked me for an anal sex and I don’t do anal sex when I said no he said […]