The challenge of saving the Amazon | Equator from the Air – BBC

A little way south of the equator, I’m heading to the state of Rondonia. Here, around the small city of Porto Velho, the Amazon faces its greatest threat. In the surrounding area, illegal logging is decimating the rainforest and it’s hard to control. It may not look like a big operation, but, undetected, a network of camps like […]

Trying on a coffin to make sure it fits just right ⚰️⚰️⚰️ – BBC

I was on the south coast heading to a club above an art gallery where two women, both called Kate, help people to get ready for death by building their own coffins. Right, so stand by your coffins. Now you’re going to slot… ..number two into number one. That’s it, give it a little bit of welly. We […]

Why are these monkeys stealing from tourists? – World’s Sneakiest Animals: Episode 2 Preview – BBC

These monkeys are expert thieves. Here we go, here we go! Oh, and there you go. Brazen, audacious. They’ve worked out exactly how to get what they want. Oh dear, oh dear. It’s like taking candy from children, it really is. You’re a bit of a gangster, aren’t you? You fancy yourself as a bit of a sunglasses […]

Brian Cox visits the world’s biggest vacuum chamber – Human Universe: Episode 4 Preview – BBC Two

This is Nasa’s space power facility near Cleveland, Ohio, and it is the world’s biggest vacuum chamber it’s used to test spacecraft in the conditions of outer space and It does that by pumping out the 30 tons of air in this chamber until they’re about 2 grams left This I’ve got an eccentric construction. Which is part […]

People living in tiny spaces – Hong Kong: World’s Busiest Cities | BBC Two

This is the most Expensive real estate in the World in hong Kong Homes cost 18 Times more Than an average Family’s income Rents are more Than twice the amount you’d Pay in the uk with space at a premium Most hong Kongers live on top of each Other in tiny flats I’ve come to the tie wire […]

How the way we spend money is changing – Billion Dollar Deals – BBC Two

In this building money arrives from shops all over the country at the end of each day the next morning it heads out to be deposited into cash machines some believe in just ten years time this place won’t exist in 2015 we crossed a line of no return card and contactless payments overtook cash for the first […]

Blind travel writer can ‘see’ BEES differently 🐝🐝🐝 – BBC

I want Sara to try travelling blind. I don’t mean not using her eyes but, rather, getting so close to things that her other senses take over. So I’m taking her to a farm, near the mountain town of Camlihemsin. Mustafa is a honey producer and he’s agreed to show us right inside his hives. He’s scything the […]