Coronavirus: The lost six weeks when US failed to contain outbreak – BBC News

As the world tries to find an end to the lockdowns, it’s important to go back to the beginning. President Trump did take steps to keep the virus out. When I learned about the gravity of it, was sometime just prior to closing the country to China. But there were holes in his travel bans. And it took […]

Top 10 Tech News – November 2019 – Hyve Managed Hosting

Hello, I’m your host Mariana, and welcome to the Top 10 Tech News of the Month. New ‘Uber Works’ app launched Uber will launch into the job market with ‘Uber Works’, an app designed to match workers with companies that are looking for professionals to join their businesses, becoming an all-round hub for users looking for work. Facebook […]

US death rates v UK, Italy and South Korea – BBC News

More than half of Americans have been ordered to stay at home. Businesses have been shut down. And President Trump is getting restless. There are other areas that just aren’t affected or they’re affected very little. And why would we close down 100% of the country? We can’t have the cure be worse than the problem. Everyone wants […]

BREAKING Panic At CNN Headquarters After Getting BUSTED For Fake Russia Story… – News

Panic At CNN Headquarters After Getting BUSTED For Fake Russia Story… CNN was caught red-handed peddling a completely fabricated story. The story claimed that Senate investigators were checking into a Russian investment fund whose chief executive met with a member of President Trump’s transition team. The entire article was “fake news” and the editorial board was forced to […]

What happens when the internet vanishes? – BBC News

The internet revolutionised democracy, by giving every phone, every computer, a more equal chance to speak and share information. And during any big event whether in celebration or in a crisis, many of us look to social media as our primary source of news. However, this network, which was built to bring us closer together, is now under […]

Trump: Twists and turns of impeachment drama – BBC News

Impeachment is a divisive issue in our country. I didn’t believe in it then, I don’t believe in it now. That whistleblower material must be made available to Congress. So you did ask Ukraine to look into Joe Biden. Of course I did. I’ve had conversations with many leaders their always appropriate. I did not think that Donald […]

Breaking News – Hillary DROPPED OUT of the race!

breaking news breaking news breaking news presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has just announced she will be dropping out of the presidential race making Donald Trump perhaps the next president of the united states about five minutes ago they announced oh my god she just dropped out and announce yes about five minutes ago oh my god so Trump’s […]

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