A very cute hedgehog’s day at the vet 😍🦔 | Mountain Vets – BBC

It’s something I would very rarely see nowadays. ..Carey has encountered one animal just waking up from hibernation. Since I was a child, this is probably the first time I’ve seen a hedgehog really close up, but there’s no doubt hedgehogs are very cute. The hedgehog’s likely to have been living off its fat reserves for four months. […]

Graham Norton unleashes #XmasLife | BBC One Christmas Film 2019

What a year, hey folks? Alright, enough of that! Get me to Christmas already. It’s Christmas! We don’t have to eat rabbit food for breakfast anymore. Gingerbread! Doesn’t matter what time I wake up. Uncle Tim’s even agreed not to talk about politics for the whole day! Less of us have been gobbled this year! CHEERING We haven’t […]

Graham Norton’s hilarious speech opens BAFTAs | The British Academy Television Awards 2019 – BBC

So welcome, thank you For our annual celebration of the finest television this country has to offer Honestly so much great TV isn’t there I tell you you’ve all been working harder than the plug in air freshener at the Ecuadorian Embassy That’s hard that is working there If you have tuned in to see the final episode […]

The challenge of saving the Amazon | Equator from the Air – BBC

A little way south of the equator, I’m heading to the state of Rondonia. Here, around the small city of Porto Velho, the Amazon faces its greatest threat. In the surrounding area, illegal logging is decimating the rainforest and it’s hard to control. It may not look like a big operation, but, undetected, a network of camps like […]

Pablo Escobar’s Bombed Mansion & ‘Narcotourism’ – The Misadventures of Romesh Ranganathan – BBC

Heisel was taking me to see the bombed out ruins of one of Escobar’s many holiday homes on the outskirts of Medellin. That is the Hacienda La Manuela. Oh, my God. All the legacy…Yeah. ..is just stones and dust. It’s a ghost house, I’m telling you. That is mad. Yeah. I didn’t expect it to be so emotive. […]

Trying on a coffin to make sure it fits just right ⚰️⚰️⚰️ – BBC

I was on the south coast heading to a club above an art gallery where two women, both called Kate, help people to get ready for death by building their own coffins. Right, so stand by your coffins. Now you’re going to slot… ..number two into number one. That’s it, give it a little bit of welly. We […]

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