Joker vs Media

how’s it going brahs this is cancer speaking a few days ago I stumbled across this fantastic video by Vice news the most reliable news source in the universe and by the likes and dislike ratio you can tell this video is well thought out and has nothing but hardcore journalism so let’s just jump into this fantastic […]

BREAK OUT | Batman Missions | Mattel Action!

(siren blaring) Uh! (heavy rock music) (bats screeching) – Ha ha ha! You won’t stop me, Batgirl! I’ve got a punchline for ya, Joker. Uh! – Look out! (clattering) – Whoa! Can I keep these? – Sorry, Batgirl. The battle gauntlets are mine. (alarm sounding) – Mission Alert. Crime in progress at Blackgate Penitentiary. – Break out? – […]


No regrets so bouncing Heads up! that’s the money shot What up guys I know you don’t know me I’m JustDustin and I got this unbreakable box here we could explain it but it’s pretty simple there’s an unbreakable box there’s 10 grand inside I’ve been searching across YouTube to try to see if there’s maybe somebody that […]

Joker 2? How Joaquin Phoenix is Pushing for a Sequel! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– Is a “Joker” sequel in the works? Maybe, if Joaquin Phoenix gets his way. It is not a joke to say that “Joker” is the most successful rated-R film of all time, and with the film inching closer and closer to the coveted one-billion-dollar mark, ideas are swirling on how to keep this cash train rolling. While […]

Jason Momoa on ‘See,’ Aquaman & ‘Game of Thrones’ | Personal Space | MTV News

– That was pretty rad. Do you play? – I don’t think I have the aptitude, buddy. (strumming electric guitar) – That thing sounds sick, dude. Best interview ever. (grunting) – I think I just got my calisthenics in for the day. – I haven’t even had caffeine yet. – [Josh] It’s always good to catch up with […]

The Flash Season 6 Episode 5 – Crisis On Infinite Earths Trailer News and Easter Eggs

welcome back everyone it’s Charlie this is going to be my flash season 6 episode 5 video basically a Cisco episode it’s been a while since we’ve had that but Danny Trejo was back I’m a huge fan of his there was a whole bunch of Easter eggs and they’ve actually got a big schedule change in the […]

The Latest Joker Trailer Has Fans Losing Their Minds! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

– The latest Joker trailer has fans losing their minds. Grab your red noses and clown makeup, Joker fans. After being teased out this week, the final trailer for Joker dropped Wednesday and the spot for the Todd Phillips flick starring Joaquin Phoenix as the eponymous Joker really hit the ground running. Reportedly, the film will be a […]

If Wayne Enterprises made television commercials

Your lights Your energy Your fuel Your transportation Your travel Your communication Your technology Your entertainment Your news Your livelihood Your nourishment Your essentials Your medicine Your healthcare Your security Your freedom Your protection Your city At Wayne Enterprises we are all this and more Everything Everywhere Everyday Wayne Enterprises