Breaking Free

People talk about freedom and the lack of constraints and lack of limitations; I will tell you that that’s just not the case. Measure the cost, measure the cost! Here’s what I would say–first, let me communicate something, and I hope you hear my heart here. There’s a few things that I’m not. Number one I’m not a […]

breaking bronchitis

hi I’m Joe watch it I’m Joe and I have a bronchitis bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial tubes they carry air to the lungs and back so basically makes it harder to breathe now if you’ll excuse me I need to bronchitis jackass you bumped me in the hall you bumped me in the hall you’re […]

Breaking Bad | Te Lo Resumo

This is Walter White, a young and enthusiastic chemist who, with his friend Elliot and his girlfriend Gretchen, founded a little chemical company. One day Walter broke up with Gretchen and left the small company selling his share for five thousand dollars. Eventually, Elliot and Gretchen married and became millionaires using Walter’s ideas, while Walter became a high […]

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