Turkish Security Council Contemplates Operation in Syria | News Wire | Indus News

I want to start with You dr. Yael really especially on this current move that we have seen from the Turkish military council do you how do you see this well this is within the context of Turkey trying hard to create a buffer zone safe zone and neutral zone and call it whatever you like for a […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Turkey's Kurdish Problem | Political Turmoil In Sudan | Ep 111 |

hello and welcome to News fire i'm aizawa we'll be talking about what's happening here in turkey and turkey in u.s. relations now turkeys National Security Council meeting that was held on Tuesday said it will establish a peace corridor in Syrian territory to ensure a border security against increased threats and will clear the region from all […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Kashmir Situation Deteriorates | California Festival Shooting | Ep 110 |

hello and welcome to newswire i'm Aiza amar now we are going to be talking about a region which is known as one of the most heavily militarized parts of the world where a population of 12 and a half million people are walked by some 700,000 armed Indian Forces personnel but it seems even those are not […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Saving Iran's Nuclear Deal | Irritants in Afghan Peace | Ep 109|

the both sides as I said had complained complaints about each other we raised this today I think the atmosphere was constructive and the discussions were good I cannot say that we resolved everything but I saw I can say that there are lots of commitments to the jcpoa and its survival all remaining participants with JCP are […]

Syria & Nuclear Deal – Flores & Antonopoulos on News Wire IndusTV – Omar

welcome back we were just talking about how things are heating up between the US and Turkey over the s400 purchase from Russia but now we're moving on a little south towards Syria we're going to talk about about the idli offensive which started back in April 30th and this was after the ceasefire agreement between Russia and […]

Tensions Rise In Persian Gulf | News Wire | Indus News

hello and welcome to newswire I'm either Omer the US president Donald Trump he's warned Iran that it better be careful after Tehran announced it would begin enriching uranium beyond the agreed limits set in the jcpoa an international nuclear accord signed between Iran and u.s. France UK Germany China and Russia now this statement from the US […]

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