The Morning Show – Inside the Series | Apple TV+

(Music) Jennifer Aniston: We are ripe and ready for this conversation. And it’s heartbreakingly honest. It’s been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. (Music) Stand-by Eight… Eight seconds to you. The show is sharp, and insightful, and ultimately very human. Three… Two… Start your move… Cue her! Good morning! (Music) Our show, The Morning Show, […]

Visible: Out on Television — First Look | Apple TV+

I told the executive producers I wanted to come out. It became bigger than any of us ever anticipated. This was the coming out moment for the movement on national television. This was the time they first saw us. Rachel: Something about being on television makes people see you as part of our culture. (Music) I didn’t realize […]

Breaking up big tech | IN 60 SECONDS

Democrats and Republicans alike have jumped on the “break ’em up” bandwagon, embracing antitrust solutions to rein in the behavior of technology giants. These would-be trust-busters claim that Big Tech companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook crush startups and shut out innovation. But do these activists need a reality check? For instance, Amazon controls just 5% of the […]

Putin, Jerusalem, Apple, Peru, Liberia… 5 headlines of the week #2

Hey guys its Hugo, and today we’re gonna talk about Russia, Liberia, Peru, Jerusalem and Apple! Our first headline of the week is about Russia, and its upcoming presidential election, happening this year, 2018. Vladimir Putin announced three weeks ago that he was going to run for president again in the election. Who will he be up against? […]

Hackers Can Now Break Into Your Phone Using Music

With so much important stuff on your phone, companies have gone to great lengths to make them secure. They’ve taken steps to keep hackers from breaking into your phone, either physically or digitally, but what about audibly? Researchers from the University of Michigan and the University of South Carolina have found it’s possible to hack your phone using […]

Trump Feuds with France at the NATO Summit | The Daily Show

The impeachment of Donald Trump is getting closer. Today, the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee released a 300-page report outlining the conclusions of their impeachment inquiry. And while all of this was going on in D.C., Trump hopped on Air Force One and flew to the U.K. And obviously I’m not saying Trump is fleeing the country, […]

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