Boomerang by Instagram

Bored of scrolling through the same old photos? Well today Instagram launches a brand new Android and iOS app called Boomerang. It let’s you shoot a burst fire of photos, which it then turns into a four second looping back and forth animated gif. Like Instagram’s other side apps, Hyperlapse and Layout, it’s fun, super easy to use, […]

Android Developer Soapbox – Desktop-Like, Richer Media APIs

Hsu: So as a company and as a developer, most of our experience is not mobile, but actually on the desktop. Client–when we were talking about client applications. And Android was really nice, because the platform provides a lot of very desktop kind of features. It’s not like a watered-down mobile app– uh, mobile operating system, really. You […]

Mario Kart Tour News, Vol. 3 “Where did Lakitu go?” November 19th

It’s time for another Mario Kart Tour News! As always, I’m your host Lakitu. Let’s jump right in. Uh…Ooops! I’ll catch and release that one for now… And let’s jump in for real! The Paris tour will be ending soon, so I hope you enjoyed your time racing through City of Lights. I hate to leave, but I’ve […]

How to Use Trello as a Social Media Calendar | The Dash | Koi-Fly Creative

Hi all! This is Shelly from Koi-Fly Creative. I’m excited to talk to you a little bit more about the magic of Trello Trello is one of my favorite free online apps that lets you easily organize and manage projects It can do anything from helping you project manage at work to planning your wedding. But today I’m […]

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