The DOTA 2 Reporter Episode 25: Advanced Tactics

RUBICK: Everyone! Invoker is dead and Pudge is unaccounted for. Keep your eyes peeled! Make sure to check your minimap frequently. ENIGMA: Oh. Well, that’s convenient. NIGEL: Here’s those wards. So these will allow you to get rid of the enemy wards that are around here? ENIGMA: That’s the idea. These stupid… Yeah. NIGEL: Well that’s one down […]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 59: Grand Opening

ANNOUNCER: Radiant’s bottom barracks have fallen. ENIGMA: Oh my god is this happening? Are we winning? NIGEL: I don’t know. ENIGMA: Okay let’s finish off the barracks and get mega creeps! That’ll secure the win for sure! TIDEHUNTER: Hit top tower! TERRORBLADE: Let’s go for the win! Go for the throne! NIGEL: What’s the throne? ENIGMA: You know, […]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Episode 40: Divine Intervention (Season Finale)

NIGEL: Gyro, your Divine Rapier. GYRO: I thought this would take four to six business days to get here. Yahoo! ENIGMA: So, are we just pushing middle? All or nothing? RUBICK: Sounds like a plan to me. BB: Let’s put all of our quills on the table. INVOKER: Are you serious, we’ll throw the game! GYRO: One cannot […]

**Award Winning** CGI & VFX Short Film: “Dragon”s Scale” – by Media Design School

Stay close Becareful (stammers) Thhh…this way. This way. Father! I could… k.. I could… Keep going? I don’t know. We should go back. No I’m ready Take this I…I… I’ll be back before nightfall Looking for something? Uh huh Maybe I can help You will get lost, you know What are you looking for? D..d…dragon. I’m looking for […]

The DOTA 2 Reporter Ep. 41: All Pick [Season 3 Premiere]

NIGEL: Dota 2. A competetive game of action and strategy. Two teams of five heroes face off on the landscape of the Radiant and the Dire, waging campaigns of cunning, stealth, and outright warfare. It is a game of infinite depth and complexity. I’ve learned so much in my time delving into the world of Dota, but the […]

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