Why Does Iran Hate America?

Earlier this month the United States assassinated senior Iranian General Qassem Suleimani claiming he was undermining security But does the United States really care about democracy and good governance in the middle east? Suleimani was Iran’s second most prominent public figure and was the commander of the Quds Force, the extra-territorial wing of the country’s revolutionary guard or […]

War in the Middle East: This Time It’s Persianal – Trump Tweets in Farsi | The Daily Show

The United States and Iran narrowly avoided World War III. I was so relieved, I celebrated by kissing a stranger in Times Square. I didn’t get his name. I just know that he was very ticklish. So, how are both countries dealing with the aftermath of the Soleimani assassination? Well, let’s find out in our ongoing segment War […]

Why Haven’t US Schools Changed in 150 years? Media and Political Neglect, says Nikhil Goyal

I found it really quite odd that in the 2016 presidential election there’s been very little talk about K-12 education even though there are over 50 million people in our society that are affected by the decisions made by policymakers regarding public education. And I think what happens, what we’ve seen especially in the media in the past […]

How the Trump Election and Social Media Externalized America’s Dormant Hate | Oliver Luckett

If you look at any of the kind of countercultural theorists that came out of the ’60s at the Berkeley, the Neil Postman’s, the Theodore Roszak’s, they kind of fundamentally, even into the talking heads, they kind of fundamentally they meant something to me when I was studying French literature at Vanderbilt, Renaissance literature, which really was the […]


What people are in Hollywood! What people are in Hollywood! We’re walking on the Walk of Fame Liuba, what time is it now? Time for posting Instagram stories! Instagram stories, wow! Exactly Wait for super content! Don’t move! You’re moving your finger! Left, left! Not so much Don’t move! Say something We finally arrived here and there are […]

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