OIC summit in Mecca voices support for Palestinians | News Wire | Indus News

mr. Jaffer let me also ask you here this is like dr. possum also said unprecedented what you've seen the OIC summit and they've recently come together and brought up the issue of Gaza very vociferously do you feel any confidence that Gaza Palestinians is finally getting some attention from the Muslim Ummah words yes we always giving […]

Why is Al-Aqsa mosque under threat? | News Wire Bites | Indus News

a mr. emirate first of all just to try and bring into context for our viewers from around the world who are watching this this is not the first time obviously this has happened and this is an ongoing situation as we understand it but could you highlight for us the timeline of how this contentious issue of […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Israeli aggression at Al-Aqsa | PM Khan at Makkah Summit | Ep 86 |

hello and welcome to News fire I'm either Omer the al-aqsa mosque in Jerusalem has been a site of strife in chaos once again some 1,400 members of the Israeli forces in ultra nationalist Jews have entered the al-aqsa compound on Jerusalem day a day the day that Israelis celebrate as the anniversary of their illegal occupation of […]