SHOCK: YouTube Crackdown a DISASTER for Independent Media

Over the last year or so, I’ve been telling you about this shift that we have seen in, um, on the youtube algorithm towards what they describe as authoritative, um, sources and what they also described as a move against promoting conspiracy type content. And we had already noticed pretty early on that we were immediately losing huge […]

Getting Worse: Trump Visibly Struggles to Speak

we’re continuing to see the deterioration. If Donald Trump’s ability to think and to speak and to sort of turn what’s in his brain into words that other humans can understand. I mean, I’m almost struggling to explain what it is that we’re seeing because it’s so disturbing. A Donald Trump had another one of these speeches where […]

Trump Ends Automatic Citizenship for Kids of Troops Born Overseas

Cancelling birthright citizenship would be legally difficult. Donald Trump has said he’s interested in it. He’s interested in exploring canceling birthright citizenship. But for now, if you are born in the physical United States, you are a citizen unless Donald Trump gets that changed. It’s not happening in the immediate, but the Trump administration has maybe found a […]

BREAKING: Trump Has Serious Republican Primary Challenger

There’s a very interesting development, which is that Donald Trump has a serious primary challenger. Now, let me sort of [inaudible] explain what I mean by serious. By serious, I don’t mean someone that has any chance of actually beating Donald Trump in the republican primary, but it’s serious in that it’s someone who is more of an […]

Snowden Claims Petraeus Disclosed “More Highly Classified” Secrets “Than I Ever Did”

Very very interesting and disturbing… … if you believe that General David Petraeus, former CIA director David Petraeus, … is possibly going to be in Donald Trump’s cabinet. Katie Couric, who is the Yahoo global news anchor … interviewed Edward Snowden in Moscow and Edward Snowden said that former CIA director general David Petraeus disclosed … “information that […]

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