News Wire with Ayza Omar | Saving Iran's Nuclear Deal | Irritants in Afghan Peace | Ep 109|

the both sides as I said had complained complaints about each other we raised this today I think the atmosphere was constructive and the discussions were good I cannot say that we resolved everything but I saw I can say that there are lots of commitments to the jcpoa and its survival all remaining participants with JCP are […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Trump to Mediate Kashmir Issue| Pak's Role in AFG Peace Process| Ep 107|

hello and welcome to newswire I'm either Omer a historical meeting took place between the leaders of Pakistan and the United States on Monday July 22nd the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan and President of the United States Donald Trump met for the first time for a one-on-one meeting in Washington DC since both assumed office but […]

Indus Special with Ejaz Haider | Afghan Peace Process | Ep 160 | Indus News

welcome to winter special I'm a jazz Heather the seventh round of talks between the United States and Afghan Taliban begins Saturday which is tomorrow and cutters capital of Doha negotiators on both sides have been trying since October 2018 to hammer out a deal to end the eighteen year long war the upcoming round will focus on […]

Afghan peace conference ‘Lahore process' | News Wire | Indus News

these stocks what significance do they hold you how did you how do you feel now that they've concluded on the importance of the talks I think there is a consensus in Afghanistan and the 14 years of war conflicts and I think that the Pakistan can play a vital role in keeping the security and changing the […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Lahore Peace Process | Pakistan's FATF Case | Ep 95 | Indus News

hello and welcome to News fire I'm eyes Illuma now Pakistan's foreign minister shah mahmud Qureshi on Saturday urged upon politicians and senior officials to seize the upcoming crucial opportunity for peace talks between the United States and the Taliban of course these talks are scheduled for later this month June 29 to be precise they were 57th […]

How strong is ISIS in Afghanistan? | News Wire Bites | Indus News

the question is no longer about whether these Isis presence in Afghanistan but it is more of how strong is their presence in the northeastern provinces thank you very much for the question I believe that the peace talks that arguing in Afghanistan these are definitely affecting the other fighters or the other fighting groups that are existing […]

News Wire with Ayza Omar | Daesh in Afghanistan | Libyan Civil War | Ep 90 | Indus News

hello and welcome to newswire i'm aizawa now as efforts through jumpstart stalled us and upon Taliban talks are underway the resurgence of the Islamic state of Khorasan also known as – also known as Isis are once again raising red flags with intelligence agencies across the world after their defeat from Iraq and then Syria they are […]