MediaWise – Topic 1: What is the media? (3rd – 6th class)

The media is the name we give to many forms of communication that carry a message This can include things you might be aware of like Magazines Television Radio And websites But also include things like text messages logos on clothes cereal boxes snack machines and apps on our tablets We hear and see information from the media […]

Pallesens Radio Augustenborg 1930s Denmark Cinema Animation Advertising

On the radio there is ballroom music today. Turn it on, tune in, listen to it! Because all people are dancing into happiness today, full of swing, old and young, me and you. Like a magic through the starry night, sounds the rhythm that makes us happy. On the radio there is ballroom music today. Turn it on, […]

What Are the Advantages of Online Radio Advertising?

How does radio advertising work to my advantage? You, as a business owner, have the right to exploit the possibilities to promote your business through advertising. Back then, you used to advertise on local newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. Besides, advertising on AM/FM radio stations or television was very popular. Today, those options for advertising are old-fashioned and not […]

Communications and Media Fundamentals

[Music] It was important for me to take this program at Centennial because it was the only program that I could find that actually had this kind of introduction course. The CAMF program is great because it gives you a little taste of everything. Advertising, marketing, journalism, broadcasting, film. And if you’re a student who doesn’t really know […]

In The Cave #22: How To Build A Social Media Presence From Scratch

Jordan: On this week’s episode, we talk about how to build an audience from scratch. Justin: Stick around. [The sound of angels singing] Justin: Hello, and welcome to another episode of In The Cave. I’m Justin Kerby. Jordan: I’m Jordan Scheltgen. Justin: And today, we’re talking to you about how to build a following on social media from […]

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