American Red Cross Giving Blood Radio Spot | RaffertyWeiss Media

I’m a doctor. I’m a teacher. I live in the south. California is my home. I speak fluent Spanish. No hablo espanol. I have brown eyes. My eyes are blue. We’re very different people, but we do have something in common. I made a donation to the Red Cross. When disaster struck and I needed help, her gift […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Television Ad – The Johnsons (:35 Seconds)

[NARRATOR] An official message from Medicare. [ALICE] Hey Fred – it’s Medicare Open Enrollment. Time to compare plans. [FRED] We’re fine with what we have. [ALICE] That’s what the Johnsons thought until they tried Medicare’s new Plan Finder. [FRED] The Johnsons? [MR. JOHNSON] We saved a lot on our prescription costs and got extra benefits. [ALICE] How ’bout […]

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