The Late NightCap: Joe Biden’s No Good, Very Bad Iowa Caucus

-You were an intern when I first met you at UCB Theatre. -Yes, at UCB. -And you found a picture you took of me in 2004. -You just got off your motorcycle. -I think that I’m, like — that’s like a — like somebody said, like, “Pretend like your walking!” “Yeah, we haven’t flipped!” -Aaah! [ Cheers and […]

[TH / ENG ] SungHoon interview with Reporter Eun’s LIT NEWS (Eng cc)

Dance VS Sing Sing a song….Maybe Listen to my vibration..I’ll do a lot Q :Who’s a closet person in I live alone ? It’s unclear This must be careful to answer If I choose one from these The left persons must be moody They always do this way ? Right ..The’re XXX person Kian 48 VS LeeSieon Narae […]

‘Pain and Glory’ Star Antonio Banderas on His First Ever Oscar Nomination | In Studio

– Hello, I am Antonio Banderas and I am in a studio with Hollywood reporter. (upbeat music) – Congratulations on your first Oscar nomination. – Thank you. – Best lead actor for Pain and Glory. Can we say that this is a celebration of an entire lifetime of work with Pedro Almodovar? – Yes, yes, you can say […]

The Late NightCap: Trump Doesn’t Understand Why He’s Being Impeached

-Chrissy Teigen tweets about it. My wife, who follows everything she says, texts me and says, “Did you just fart on national TV?” [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] -This is all about how horny I am. -No. -You will wait. [ Laughter ] Come on! Pick it up! -We’re in deep [bleep] right now. -It’s […]

Vince Vaughn Talking To Trump TRIGGERS Fox News

>>Actor Vince Vaughn was filmed at a sporting event, having a conversation with the Trump’s including Donald Trump and Melania Trump. And literally no one cares. No one. I don’t care. No one that I’ve talked to care.>>I’m disappointed >>Okay.>>Why? Who cares? I mean, I thought identified libertarian.>>I know >>He’s at a sporting event like some football thing […]

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