Designing for Inclusion with Media Queries – Eric Bailey : #ID24 2017

— — it’s also the place to ask questions. And I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of those, really looking forward to our next speaker, Eric Bailey. Eric is a user designer out of Boston. He’ll be talk about CSS Media Queries. Over to you, Eric. Great. Thank you so much. So let’s see here. All […]

ACCESS LA: Yahoo’s Award-Winning Captioning Initiatives

MIKE SHEBANEK: My name is Mike Shebanek. And as Josh mentioned, I lead the accessibility team at Oath. Oath is a brand new company. It’s been around for about 2 and 1/2 months. It’s a combination of the properties that AOL knows and loves and all the property that Yahoo has and loves. So you’ll still see Yahoo […]

ACCESS SF: Yahoo’s Award-Winning Captioning Initiatives

[MUSIC PLAYING] LILY BOND: We are 3Play Media. We are hosting the event. And we are a video captioning, transcription, and audio description company. And our goal is, really, to make accessible video easy. So we have a lot of user-friendly parts of our company, like our account system. And we have interactive tools. And all of these […]

Inclusive Design for User Interfaces | Let's talk Talkback

>> Well, hello, everyone. Thanks for coming to a11y New York meetup. Excited to have two presenters tonight. So we're going to have two presentations,about 45 minutes each with Q and As. And we'll have two great discussions. Excited to start off with Shauna Keating. A BFA in design. And the project I was introduced to Shaunafrom was […]