12-year-old steals credit card and flies to Bali | A Current Affair Australia

hello I'm Tracy Grimshaw welcome to a Current Affair twelve-year-old drew isn't the first kid to run away from home after a fight but he could be the first who made it all the way to Bali hopping on a jet star flight after breezing through customs here and Indonesia reporter Brady halls will join me in a […]

Celebrity Chefs Under Fire | A Current Affair Australia

us they're the famous faces known for dominating in the kitchen but this year these chefs have come under fire for all the wrong reasons celebrity chefs but away from the small screen there is something we don't love about Manu Jaime Neal Zombo Gordon Heston and some of their cooking colleagues their restaurants a lot of them […]

Australia's NBN Nightmare | A Current Affair Australia

the government promised us the National Broadband Network would revolutionize Australia's internet but the rollout of the NBN has fallen way short of that I built this company over 20 years it's thrown us back ten years we've lost a hundred and sixty thousand dollars in income it complaints are up a hundred and sixty percent that's totally […]

Taking on Centrelink over Robo-Debts | A Current Affair Australia

so the former head prosecutor taking on centerlink over its controversial Robo death scheme which has affected almost 200,000 people some in financial turmoil it's really hard I just want to know what I did wrong I don't believe that I set out to intentionally do forward anyway it's illegal and I think it's scandalous in any other […]

The real cost of sharing your data with FaceApp | A Current Affair

now to the face up trend that seen millions of people post photos of themselves significantly aged so is it all harmless fun or is there something more sinister at play they don't really understand how these applications work have a service of operate I've got a glimpse into my future and I sent it straight to my […]

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