Coronavirus is Straining Hospitals. Here’s How Innovators Are Helping. | NYT News

Health care workers around the world are asking for help. “What do you want?” “PPE.” “When do you need it?” “Now.” They’re in desperate need of more PPE, also known as personal protective equipment. Stocks of the critical gear are disappearing during the coronavirus pandemic. Doctors say they are rationing gloves, reusing masks and raiding hardware stores. The […]

This Record-Breaking 3D Printer Could Be the Future of Manufacturing

This specialized 3D printer just received a record-breaking throughput for modern 3D printing. It can create structures the size of a human adult in just a few hours. That’s printing about 7 millimeters per minute. With this device, the team may have just cracked the code on how to utilize the technology as an efficient manufacturing tool. This […]

A Spacecraft Is Going To Build Its Own Solar Panels In Space: Archinaut One

As I’ve mentioned in several episodes now, humanity is in a bit of a transition period, a time when it makes sense to launch material up and out of Earth’s gravity well into orbit, and beyond. But it’s really expensive, costing up to $10,000 per pound you want in orbit, and 10 times if you want it on […]

2014 QUT Biofabrication masters degree – 3D printed body part implants – 7 News

NEWS REPORTER, CHANNEL SEVEN NEWS: QUT has joined three other universities here and in Europe to research using 3D printing technology to make body parts. They're already regrowing bones and cartilagesand say breast replacements for cancer victims are just a few years away. LEXY HAMILTON-SMITH, NEWS REPORTER, CHANNELSEVEN NEWS: Eliza Whiteside wants to be the first woman in […]

Engineering Newswire 59: Personal Jetpack Redesign Saves Pilot from Catastrophic Failure

inter power corporation the premier supplier for power system components with one week Manufacturing lead time and over four million parts in stock visit WWN your comm for more information today on engineering newswire we're redesigning the martin jet pack sending MIT students to space tailoring toothbrushes for your teeth and riding in one great big balloon a […]