How ‘A Very English Scandal’ Brought Hugh Grant to Television | Close Up

(cool upbeat music) – I know there was initially some hesitation with doing television, that you then got past. Curious, A, what that hesitation was, but B, why this story? Why was this the thing that brought you to the medium? – Oh, well, it wasn’t really a hesitation. I mean, it was just pure snobbery. (Lacey laughing) […]

SAGITARIO Cambio de Ciudad, Estabilidad, Sueño Americano y Television Marzo 2019 Mensaje Angeles

be changing from city to achieve have the look says stability is mejía an American dream becomes reality you do something about television road to success and the way to victory It is a lonely road [Music] hello my warriors as sagitario You are welcome again to my channel Jack greets you I want to invite you subscribe […]

‘Hustlers’: Could it be Jennifer Lopez’s Major Box Office Comeback? | THR News

“When I was a kid I always wanted to work with animals. I was close!” It looks like J.Lo could be making her box office comeback with her latest film, ‘Hustlers’! The female-ensemble picture starring Jennifer Lopez is tracking to gross $25 million in its domestic debut which would be a career best for the actress/singer. The critically […]

Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio After Engine Problem (w/ Subs) | 2019 Bahrain Grand Prix

[Music] [Applause] straight for their trip okay copy that we are talking it does the pictures with your tick-tock driver default sadly in 46:34 3046 will apply to all and okay butter tail off okay daughter and we need soccer 980 1280 12 Papadopoulos 11 laps to go what’s happening we have no H recovery Hamilton 5 seconds […]

Uncut Leclerc’s Team Radio at Monza (w/ Subs) | 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Hamilton behind at 1.7 We need driver default alpha 46 off, 46 off And we need driver default alpha 46 off Alpha 46 off And tyres update when you can And brake shave plus one if you need it Hamilton behind at 1.3 and front flap… Eh… Update when you can Minus… Minus two Copy And Charles at […]

Roswell, New Mexico | Michael Trevino – Speaking Of Nice Guys | The CW

– Speaking of nice guys, Michael Trevino, – Yes. – You’re actually playing a nice guy. – Yeah. – Which doesn’t happen for you very often. – No. – And more importantly, your playing the nice guy as the point of a love triangle, or at least a friendship love triangle. Where you not like the vanilla dud […]

Corbyn and Johnson clash over no-deal Brexit: ‘Anti-democratic and unconstitutional’

This is not a bill in any normal sense of the word: It is without precedent in our history. It is a bill that, if passed, would force me to go to Brussels and beg an extension. It would force me to accept the terms offered. It would destroy any chance of negotiation for a new deal. There […]

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