Eminem ft. 2Pac and Ruth B – Why do you break me down? – [Sad Love Song] – {NodaMixMusic}

Damn – gave my homie 90 days for domestic violence I try to picture myself in this position but remain silent I get to thinkin’ ’bout this shit we been through We close like kin, but you remain my friend too This life of sin done got the both of us in trouble But you always stay down […]

BREAKING NEWS !!! OTTO Smart Milling Machine For Herbs, Tea, Spices And More

anyone who enjoys grinding herbs spices teas or anything else organic might be interested in a new smart milling machine called otto which is equipped with smartening technology and aerospace engineer the milling plates enabling the device to automatically mail your favorite herb dried flowers incense or spices to a perfect consistency and even drop the produce into […]

??? GTA5 – Michael watch television | 1K UHD video |

Cheapest games and electronics at G2A.com only here you will find their cheapest and most suitable games and electronics Franklin,relax! ,free! Ou man!you are wan’t sad,sad women Tonight,Vilija to you everything to the end of the life enoughs.Now give to others Yes,do you imagine? I heard the following phrase He is neither baggy nor belly A struggle for […]

CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Apologizes for Gay Slurs in Resurfaced Tweets | THR News

Don’t miss the American Music Awards tomorrow night on ABC. CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins has apologized for using homophobic slurs in tweets that resurfaced on Sunday. In the tweets dated back to 2011, Collins used the word “f-g” in response to another tweet and also tweeted to another user that she didn’t know “if I wanna room with […]

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