[TGFP] Disney Television Animation/20th Television (8/24/2012 / 2014) [widescreen]

You have broken the eternal laws of space time. I beg your mercy, Time Baby! You now must clean up all of the anomalies. (VOCALIZING) Old Man McGucket, local kook. Are the wax figures alive and… (ROARING) What’re you looking at? DZRG… DSZG? DSB RH GSRH SVIV? LS, GSZG’H IRTSG, RG’H GDVMGB-ULFIGVVM. ♪ 20th Television 2008 fanfare ♪ […]

Irish dad’s reaction to the news his son has “failed” his driving test.

I’m after passing my driving test But I’m letting on to the ould fella that I failed. He’s gonna go fuckin’ beserk. Well garsun, how did you get on? Well how are you? Well how did it go? Jaysus I’m a fuckin’ good while waitin’… Fuckin’…eh…the… Three-point turn…and the fuckin’ hill start What about it? Like, it was […]

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