[NEWS IN-DEPTH] N. Korea’s latest message to U.S. and S. Korea

South Korea’s top security adviser Chung we all made a surprise visit to the White House last week where US president Trump relayed a congratulatory message to North Korean leader Kim jong-un Trump had also reportedly expressed his will to resume dialogue with Pyongyang but the friendly gestures weren’t enough for North Korea to change its hostile stance […]

Tens of thousands gather to mourn Soleimani in Tehran; Pentagon chief denies U.S. withdrawal in Iraq

tens of thousands have people gathered in Toronto Monday to mourn the death of general Qasem Soleimani and vowed revenge against aus for his killing meanwhile Washington says that it has no plans to pull its troops out from Iraq Irene’s omen has more Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was in tears on Monday s huge crowds […]

U.S. should view talks as way to resolve insecurity between nuclear powers: Choson Sinbo

a North Korean newspaper on Saturday said that Pyongyang’s latest missile test has become a new nuclear deterrent against the United States chosen shinbo said the North’s successful test of what it claimed was a new type SLBM cuckoo cuckoo song 3 provides the regime with another nuclear deterrent the newspaper claimed that as a result of a […]

N. Korea-U.S. working-level talks break down as differences remain unresolved

despite hopes for a breakthrough and negotiations between North Korea and the u.s. their working level talks on Saturday broke down as the two sides failed to reach a compromise Pyongyang says the u.s. came empty handed which Washington countered by saying it brought creative ideas at the table our eg1 has a full story the much-anticipated working-level […]