South Koreans post supporting messages on social media to health authorities fighting COVID-19

local health authorities are struggling to keep the fast reading Kobe 19 under control with officials ramping up efforts messages of encouragement are pouring out on the internet showing support for the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as well as its director of General Kim J he tells us more the Korea Centers for Disease Control […]

No. of Koreans taking break from work reaches all-time high in 2019

the number of South Koreans who are taking a break from work was at an all-time high last year the figure increased for all age groups but it grew especially fast for people in their 20s our gym has more the number of South Koreans who are taking a break from work exceeded 2 million people in 2019 […]

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] N. Korea’s latest message to U.S. and S. Korea

South Korea’s top security adviser Chung we all made a surprise visit to the White House last week where US president Trump relayed a congratulatory message to North Korean leader Kim jong-un Trump had also reportedly expressed his will to resume dialogue with Pyongyang but the friendly gestures weren’t enough for North Korea to change its hostile stance […]

Japanese media says President Moon’s New Year’s Address shows urge to improve Seoul-Tokyo ties

Japanese media reported the president moon showed his determination to improve ties with Tokyo Kyoto News highlighted how the South Korean leader noted the need to take violet relations to the next level that looks towards the future however it pointed out that moon didn’t mention the root cause of their frayed ties the 2018 ruling over the […]

Reporter Kim Heechul successfully gets in touch with PRISTIN! [We Like Zines! / 2017.06.27]

(The book Kim Heechul planned on writing) (Anyone who wants to become a girl group, read it!) (“Girl Group Report” by Kim Heechul) This is not what I originally wanted to write. (The book he originally planned on writing) (15 days before the first shoot) The history of JYP. (Aren’t you part of our agency?) Girl groups that […]

S Korea’s presidential office refutes Japanese media reports

shifting our focus to these whole Tokyo Intel sharing pact which has been extended but is once again caught up in controversy Japanese officials reportedly construed the deal as a one-sided win for them with no concessions made on trade and denies of apologizing to solve for such distortion Shin Semin has the latest in a read out […]

China warns S. Korea, Japan not to deploy U.S. missiles: Asahi Shimbun

after the intermediate-range nuclear forces treaty between the u.s. and russia collapsed in August China has reportedly warned South Korea and Japan not to deploy Washington’s new intermediate-range missiles Japan Society been reported on Tuesday that Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told his South Korean and Japanese counterparts during their talks in August that should Seoul and Tokyo […]

ASEAN countries see S. Korea as model, encourage investment: ASEAN media outlets

now Arirang TV has been bringing you extensive coverage on the outcomes of this year’s asean-korea summit now we take a look back at the summit – through a different angle this time through the eyes of the Southeast Asian media our Kim bo-gyung reports on how they have assessed the summit and what ASEAN nations were particularly […]

Blue House refutes Japanese media report; confirms Japan did apologize to S. Korea

Staying with the topic,… South Korea’s top office refuted another report coming from Japanese media on Monday morning and said Japan is behind the “truth game”. In a read-out to reporters,… the senior presidential secretary for public communication reaffirmed that Tokyo did apologize to Seoul over the complaint that the Japanese government had announced ‘distorted’ facts about the […]

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