Раненое сердце. Сериал 2016. 3 серия. Мелодрама. Star Media

Pasha, you don’t have to pick me up after school, I can get home myself. No problem. – See you. Hi. – Hi. Did you bring it? Holy molly. Is it real? Of course it is. Good job, Zhenia, good job. Well, you can say we’re golden now. Right, go study now. Yeah, go on. Well… Do you […]

Раненое сердце. Сериал 2016. 4 серия. Мелодрама. Star Media

Dima, get to work. Yep. You haven’t forgotten your keys, right? Do you remember the combination for the door? Okay, great. Have you seen this? Maks, it’s the same on the radio. They wrote about you, have you seen it? – Yeah, I’ve seen it, I’ve seen it. Zhenia, how about you finally tell us what you saw […]

Раненое сердце / The Wounded Heart. Сериал 2016. 1 серия. Мелодрама. Star Media

STAR MEDIA PRESENTS Max, wake up. The ads are bullshit. MIKHAIL PSHENICHNY Let’s try the good old way. LIUBAVA GRESHNOVA Max, baby, wake up. – No, no. I’m having my favorite dream. What is it? I’m braiding our little girl’s hair. – We aren’t even married. If that’s the only problem, we can fix it. I love you. […]