#7 Корзинка Меланж Мастер-класс от А до Я DIY Newspaper Basket Weaving Tutorial ENGLISH SUBTITLES

MELANGE BASKET FROM NEWSPAPER TUBES WITH PINE NUTS Hello, guys! Fall painted the nature with bright melange colors, and it inspires me to weave a melange box using various tones of maple color and decorate it with natural pine nuts. I invite you to weave with me. Welcome to my tutorial. List of necessary materials you can find […]

#5 Сиреневая корзинка Мастер-класс от А до Я DIY Newspaper Basket Weaving Tutorial ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Tutorial with Nina LILAC BASKET FROM NEWSPAPER TUBES Hello, guys! Today I’m going to weave a basket for my sister. It will be made in her favorite lilac color. The basket will be decorated with a ribbon and a bow. I’ll share with you how I make it. For weaving we will use the tubes made from newspaper. […]

#8 Санки из газет Мастер-класс от А до Я DIY Newspaper Sledge Weaving Tutorial. ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Tutorial with Nina SILVER SLEDGE FROM NEWSPAPER Hi, guys! The winter covered the earth with the sparkling snow, so it’s time to sledge! Today we’re going to weave the silver color sledge and patinate them to make them look like covered with snow. Let’s weave together! The materials and equipment used are listed in the description down below. […]

#9 Как крутить трубочки из газеты DIY How to roll up newspaper tubes. ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

How to roll up the weaving tubes using newspaper or newsprint tutorial. The materials and equipment used: 1. Newspaper or newsprint; 2. 1.5 mm knitting needle; 3. Scissors; 4. Pen or pencil; 5. Ruler; 6. PVA glue; 7. Dry and wet wipes. These tubes are used to weave the basket. They can be rolled up using a newspaper […]

#1095 Мастер-класс c Ниной Корзинка из газет Woven basket from newspaper ENGLISH SUBTITLES

Weaving tutorial Newspaper basket “The spring mood” Hi, guys! The early spring does not please us with warmth and sun, but we want to fill life with bright and rich colors. So today I’m going to weave an oval basket in dark violet and soft pink colors. If you want to weave with me, then welcome to my […]

【DIY#35】📰Newspaper Weaving Tutorial・🌲Pine Tree Style Bracelet・Плетение из Газет・Мастер Класс с Ниной

Weaving using Newspaper Tutorial: 🌲Pine Tree Style Bracelet Hello guys! My name is Nina and I want to welcome you to my creative studio. Today we will weave the pine tree style basket. I’ll show you 2 methods of making it. This is a double color bracelet. Two contrast colors will be used, light and dark. Now I’ll […]

【DIY#32】📰Newspaper Weaving Tutorial・🍮Classical Style Tray・Плетение из Газет・Мастер Класс с Ниной

Weaving from newspaper. Tutorial. The classical style tray. Hello guys! My name is Nina and I would like to welcome you in my creative studio. I want to thank you for weaving together with me, for sharing your works and of course for lots of pleasant comments about my works and tutorials. Today we’ll weave the classical style […]

#3 Корзинка Весна Мастер-класс от А до Я DIY Newspaper Basket Weaving Tutorial ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

The basket woven using newspaper tubes and decorated by Kanzashi flowers. Hi, guys! The Spring came, so the nature is going to wake up from a hibernation and I’m going to weave the soft pink-emerald color basket. I’ll decorate the bottom using the flower print and the sidewalls using the Kanzashi flowers made from the satin ribbon. I […]

【DIY#24】📰Newspaper Weaving Tutorial・💮Basket with Openwork Top・Плетение из Газет・Мастер Класс с Ниной

Weaving basket with top’s openwork bending from newspaper. Tutorial. Materials and equipment used are listed in the description. Hello guys! I’m Nina and this is another tutorial of basket weaving from newspaper. I found about that great openwork top’s bending from Lilia Ulanova’s weaving tutorial. So I want to do the same one using newspaper tubes. It will […]

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