Sydney Sweeney Felt ‘Empowered’ On The ‘Euphoria’ Set | MTV News

Sydney Sweeney Felt ‘Empowered’ On The ‘Euphoria’ Set | MTV News

– When I was 16 years old, I went to an audition, and
one of the producers was like, “Are you gonna go to college?” I said, “Yes, I am.” He goes, “For acting?” And I said, “No.” And he goes, “You don’t
want to be an actress “when you grow up?” And I said, “Yes, I do, “but I’m gonna go to
college for business.” And he goes, “Why?” “You’re not gonna be an actress then.” I said, “That way, when I
go to school for business, “and I get a contract for $20 million, “I can read that contract myself “and not get (beep) over.” To me, Cassie is a
teenage girl still trying to figure out where she
belongs in the world, and unfortunately, she
has her nudes leaked, so everybody has this perception of her, and it’s hard to figure out who you are when everybody
always looks at you as the slut, or the whore, or the girl who posts all her nudes, or will have sex with any guy, and she always looks for
love in all her boyfriends, and then gets hurt in
the end because of it. What spoke to me about Cassie is her arc that you’ll see towards
the end of the show. I think that she has a
very relatable storyline that happens to her, and there
are so many different aspects of her life that happens in season one that people will be able to draw from and I was able to draw from. When I create a character, I create her from the day she was born ’til the first page of the script, and I create this interactive
timeline journal diary of each character, so I
built every experience that she’s gone through, every memory, every past to make who she was. In Cassie’s book, it
was very dramatic artsy because, as a teenage girl, I mean, I know I would write diary journals and be way more dramatic than
the situation actually was, and I felt that Cassie would do the same, so in a lot of the book, it’s very artsy, dramatic quotes that she’d find, or black and white pictures of something very sad or moody, and she would put that in there, trying to describe how she felt, or quotes from songs that she liked, very dark and moody. Playing a character
that hasn’t figured out who she is yet was a
little bit of a challenge because I’ve always been very, like, this is me, this is who I am, and so playing a character that still is taking in
the world around her, and being influenced by the bad and the good was a very interesting aspect for me to play on. I was such a boring teenager. I loved school. I still love school. I was valedictorian. I love college. I did not go to parties. I was pretty boring. I like going on hikes with my dog, and that’s pretty much it. When I first got sent ‘Euphoria’, I was sent the pilot,
and then I booked it, and at the time, I was debating between multiple shows, and
so they sent me more episodes. I think they only had
one to four at that time, and I read them, and I loved them, and everything that happens on the show has happened to somebody, whether it’s you or somebody else, and so seeing that portrayed on TV, that’s the shocking part. The actual scenes, that’s not shocking because that is real. There was a bit of, “Ooh, I don’t know “if I’m gonna do this
because of the nudity.” But then I sat back, and I was like, “if I was a 17-year-old girl “and I was having sex with my boyfriend, “I would get naked.”
And it’s a real scene. It’s not sugar-coated. It’s not glamorized, it’s not covered up, and I was like, that’s what the show is. It’s real, and I really
wanted to bring justice to that realness, and also, it’s not about the nudity, it’s more about the
situation that she is in, and the show never really
glamorized the nudity in that, which I think was really important. I’ve been a self-conscious person, and after filming those
scenes, in some way, I was like, I feel empowered. I feel like nobody can judge me. Like, I just, I put myself out there, and I feel the most confident me. Throughout the season, Cassie and McKay’s
relationship is always trying to find its way. They have their ups and downs. Cassie has influences from other guys, and McKay has his influences from his father and his coach, and what it is in society is the idea of, to be a man, and how, sometimes, girls can get in the way of that, and there’s all these outside forces that play against them which causes their own relationship harm even though it’s not them, actually, ’cause they do really well together. It’s just the world around them that causes the situations
inside the relationship. That’s what I love about the show, is that it doesn’t really
put labels on anybody. Like, you don’t have the stereotypical blonde
bombshell slut high schooler. It’s just, everybody has
so many different layers, and that’s one of the
reasons why I loved Cassie, is because so many people
could’ve read that page, and was like, “Oh, she’s
just the blonde slut,” and there’s so much behind Cassie that I wanted to bring to life through not words, like, just her eyes, or the way that she interacts with people.


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