Swedish Reporter Totally Shames Himself During Donald Trumps Inauguration

Hello We’re back on the outside of the cordons surrounding the Capitol And here’s mostly Trump supporters standing outside An hour ago there was instead Black Lives Matter Which haid chained themselves here Now the Trump Supporters are back What’s your name? Erica What’s the purpose of you coming here? To support Donald Trump Why do you think it’s good? Because i think he’s different. We need like a change of pace I think he’s going to change alot of things other politicians wouldn’t But he’s a billionaire. A..are you too a billionaire? No. So, why would he take care of your life? I don’t know, i think he’s going to support the middle class, majorly. Has the traditional politicians lost out on that one? I think so. Why so? The high taxes.. The high taxes. Do you have social security? Not right now. And now they’ve taken away the Obamacare, aren’t you afraid? No. I have healthcare trough my company. You have trough your company? Mhm. But if you lose your job then? Get another job. Definitely won’t lose this job Aren’t you afraid that everything hangs on.. You had a big crisis just a couple of years ago Lots of people lost their jobs Social Security Isn’t it good to have Social Security that covers us all? Sure. Do you have muslim friends? What? Muslim friends Yeah. What do they say? Do they agree with you on Obama? I honestly don’t really talk to them about politics Kinda keep that out of the friend group. Can tear friends apart sometimes. So politics is dividing in that sense for… For friends, yeah. So you don’t speak? Not really. It depends. As a friend to muslims, what do you think about Obamas policies towards muslims? What do you mean? They see your friends as a threat to the country? No. You think they should be registered? No. But that’s Obama’s policies. Okay.. Ok, thank you very much. Y..yeah Yep. We hav.. Yep.


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