100 thoughts on “Swamp Watch: The Bidens and Ukraine”

  • Dems problem is they "defer" to an authority who debunks conspiracies like this. Then they charge you with ignoring the reality that's been "debunked."

  • Now politicians in US seems more corrupt than their counterparts in India.These criminals all belong to jail.Biden should be disqualified to run for president.

  • danny breeding says:

    Creepy Joe and his loser son needs to be put in prison for been so very crooked… Thank God we have Trump as President.. 2020 Trump he puts America first.. Its time to take out the RATS in DC and in America..Keep making America great Trump.. Go Fox Go.

  • Don't forget how
    Obama and Biden made over a Dozen investments that total One Trillion and haldollars that all went bankrupt overnight and guess who worked them companies Biden's son's and no one Investigated Obama or Biden for these investments?
    Obama is a Traitor just like Clinton.
    Obama gave one Billion Dollars in cash to Iran for a Nuclear plant that never got built?
    So anyone with a mind can see the corruption with Obama and Biden and Clinton.

  • Oh yeah Ted lieu what. what a joke can't admit it don't vote for him. Pure corruption for money Biden is as guilty as Obama.

  • SpaceOctopusMEX says:

    The presidency position was too much for trump, all the maga tards are like headless chickens running around LOL 😂 OUT 👉🏼

  • these are the arguments as i currently understand them:
    Biden used his position to get his son a job. (corruption, specifically nepotism)
    Biden used his position to fire someone leading an investigation targeting his son and/or him. (corruption)

    how is that different from:
    Trump used his position to get multiple members of his family jobs in the White House. (more nepotism?)
    Trump used his position to fire someone leading an investigation targeting his family and him. (Comey, more corruption?)

  • "We rely on the truth, not the facts". Joe Biden – 2019 in Iowa. The truth is what the left tells you it is and they never met a fact they liked.

  • What was the skill that biden's son had , to warrant ANY COMPANY putting him on their board? It can only be corruption !!!

  • Hey Joe! The only thing I know about energy is when I flip a switch the lights come on, about as much as your son! Do you think you can get me a job with a foreign country’s energy panel for $3,000,000 just like you did for Hunter? You da man!

  • Put Joe Biden and his son in prison go after them like they go after our great and wonderful President Trump who is innocent time to stand up America!!!!!!

  • The Clinton,s got their cake in Haiti, and Russia, Joe Biden and his son were getting theirs in Ukraine and China, and i bet anyone £100 that Obama and Kerry were getting their cake from the $150 billion sent to Iran, Donald Trump should do them all for treason, these MFs nearly brought your country into bankruptcy with $20 trillion debt, lock them all up in solitary confinement for the rest of their natural and feed them on bread and water until they start talking.

  • ravinraven6913 says:

    He isn't even trying…this election has already been rigged just based on who was chosen to run. I truly no longer have faith in the country to run itself. I do not have faith in ANY politician they are all the same…why is it every 4 years people forget this shite? oh so and so will be different…no you just are the same poor schmuck who believes anything….AKA an idiot who can't think for themselves.

  • If there is any semblance of accountability left in America these Democrats should be arrested, tried and executed for high treason against the state.

  • Still waiting for a trumpTard to tell me what Ukranian Law Biden/son have Broken..
    Ya cant bcaz its all Buncha Horseshit.
    pathetic.. so sad..

  • wow propaganda for the massively dumb americans who have the power to vote!? downfall of democracy… the educated rich republicans and the dumb poor wellfare supported republican voters.

  • That is almost a corruption fairytale the victim is the American taxpayers but they deserved for what they elected to power

  • Montana Bulldog says:

    Its FINALLY, "Coming to a Head" . . . it WON'T be long now. BIDEN is "Finished" . . . as are the Democrats, the coming elections, will be the "Absolute Proof" !.

  • MONEY LAUNDERING is the official name of the game. It is illegal to take those amounts of money themselves or theirs spouses, but not their worthless, useless, drugged up children or their "FOUNDATIONS" or the corrupt "CHARITIES". AND while we're on this topic, why do you think the elite "PAY" such ridiculous amounts for "ART" this looks like crap? Because it is crap used to LAUNDER their ill gotten money.

  • 1:50 Biden promised Aid to Ukraine. Right – Biden is in charge of congressional approval and appropriation. He alone decides how many billions of dollars whoever gets. And then he goes to various countries – Ukraine specifically – and makes decisions about when they receive and how much. Listen to yourselves. You have to have a garbage can in place of a brain to think that.

  • 2:37 Ivanka and Jared made 82 million dollars while Trump is in the office. Must be intentional money laundering. Why is Trump not investigating this corruption ?

  • Lorenzo Beckmann says:

    Same voters will re-elect same pols.  No judicial animation–no sanctions.  If you want to SEE FOR YOURSELF a politician flip, see John Kerry video (2007) when he answers a question with, "Well, that was a controled demolition";  as Sec of State he anglily yelled at the report (reguarding that 2007 quote) "I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!"   The MEGA-RICH own all news/info bureaus (Fox too) and will tell or not as suits their business

  • Why do we tolerate these criminal political gangs, all we do is talk about what we do find out about then it just goes away????? Where is the Justice and accountability well there is none for these criminal democrats so that means in reality we have a two tiered Justice system, none for them another on for the rest of us. Their laughing all the way to the bank!!! One day……………

  • Great research and reporting of the facts! It turns my stomach at how corrupt the elites really are and that they are never held accountable for their theft of the tax payers dollars. It is time to drain the swamp, seize their ill gotten gains, round up the thieves, and throw them in prison so that they make little rocks out of big ones. Can't wait for your next report!

  • Debbie Bassett says:

    WOW, just wow, can you say………connect the dots? Demonrats are stupid, at least that’s what ‘the conspiracy team’ Q said. Can they get more corrupt, enough said!!!!

  • He was lying before he could talk. His father had him on the payroll when he was 3 years old as a tax dodge. He is a pathological liar. This on top of his malignant narcissism, adult attention deficit disorder, excessive compulsive disorder and now, early dementia. This is the guy 60 million imbeciles put in our Whitehouse. WOW. Don't Boo. . .VOTE. Doesn't matter who…just vote

  • The dumborats stole billions of american taxpayer money by channeling it through foreign countries through their cronies company

  • Fox once again reinforces that all they put out is crap! The circumstances over this had to do with Russia trying to totally dominate the Ukraine trade. The USA was trying to help out Ukraine in its fight with Russia's Putin. This is designed to benefit Vlad Putin and his Russian propaganda! Nothing less!


  • Yet these corrupt politicians have the balls to accuse president Trump! Shame on the CNN, NBC, MNSBC etc for becoming the defenders of corruption, lying propaganda out fit for the leftists establishment crooks destroying this Republic!

  • In the other hand, what they did, are blaming Trump did say on the phone withholding the same amount of money that creepy Joe Biden did 🤔

  • this is great evidence but is anything actually going to happen because of it, not likely. hell we have epstein's client list and nothing ever happened form that.

  • Spit it out Ukraine was laundering stolen money from the American tax payers purse , returning it as donations to the people who stole it in the first place .

  • Kalendas Graecas says:

    I'm looking forward to Biden being threatened with prosecution and offering to rat out dozens of other Clinton/Obama/DNC racketeers. I want to hear him admit the most likely arrangement, that he had to share the loot with disastrous parasite Barack and had to pay Homicidal Hillary a fee to have his share go through the Clinton Money Laundering Foundation.

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