Sun News Network 2012 debate translation

Sun News Network 2012 debate translation

John Robson: It’s very hard to sound intelligent while being simultaneously translated You, sir, could not be more right. It was
August 2012 In the middle of the Quebec election campaign. The TVA network decided to break with tradition and, instead organizing a debate with the
other networks, set up its own separate series of exclusive one-on-one debates with the three main party leaders Sun News Network, also owned by Quebecor Media, had the exclusive English-language
rights to the debate, which it aired with simultaneous translation. But because there
were no Parliament Hill staffers or press gallery to provide it for them they had to hire their own. The full
translation was never posted online. Most people got to see only about 23
seconds of it, which were used in a later Sun News
report was posted. Ever since the debate, I’ve had all three hours sitting on my PVR at home waiting to be used. So, without further ado, I give you eight
minutes of highlights — and I use that term loosely — of Sun News Network debate translation. Charles? Charles Adler: The fight begins on the Sun News Network right now. (What follows is YouTube’s automatically-generated captions of the debate audio. Enjoy.) you don’t miss you bought a disaster
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pick research on cervical pretty unique to thank you (Actual captions): Well that was fun, wasn’t it? Now we know what it would sound like if Inspector Clouseau and Sofia Vergara had a debate moderated by CBC’s Bernard
St-Laurent. But we’re not done yet. There are two more hours of this. On to Day 2. Charles Adler: … (Automatic captions follow) miss you or citizenship believe the pair
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you so much musica (Actual captions): No, thank you. By now a bunch of people had seen the video from the first debate, but it was too late to hire new translators. So, on to Day 3. (Charles Adler): The battle begins right here, right now. (Automated captions follow) if also to go miss you ladies and gentlemen have a
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the September report for thank you good evening (Actual captions): On Thursday, March 26, TVA will be presenting the 2014 version of its face-à-face debates, this time all on one night. Sun News will be carying it as well, but I’m told they will be hiring
different translators. Which is good because some people have some issues with poor translation. (Michael Coren): I mean I know it’s been said before but the contempt some people have for, for English-speaking Canadians in Quebec because the translation was so appalling — that was barely English at all —
and and this is so typical Quebec is it? “Can you speak some sort of English? Oh yeah okay you do it.” You could barely understand what they were saying.


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  • Is it just me or does Pauline Marois' translator not sound like Charo? I half expect her to blurt out "cuchi-cuchi!" at some points…

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