SUMMONING + EVENTS ?! + Voyage of Wonders : AFK Arena

SUMMONING + EVENTS ?! + Voyage of Wonders : AFK Arena

what's going on you two you my name is FG 3000 I'm back in the place to be and welcome back to a of kaori now believe it or not I don't believe it either so we are back in the game taking a look at what type of changes have occurred since I last played the game so as you guys know I took a small break from a of Kaena I'm just due to the fact that there was no set event schedule going on they kept on adding new characters to the game which is a good thing right adding new heroes to a hero collector is what she'd do and in fact all the heroes that they've added to the game have been fantastic really cool artwork so that's all well and good however by adding new characters to the game they just basically flooded the summoning pool and the only way you could get to characters that you were looking for is by opening up that pocket or do people saw pocketbooks pocketbooks your wallet your purse your venmo your paint whatever you used to give people money adding more and more characters to that flooded pool just made it harder and harder to get the characters that you were looking for and with no event scheduled to get characters it just really made it kind of like why am I playing this game I'm never gonna get these characters this is not any fun however since I last visited the game they have made strides to improve that so in today's video let's take a look at a few of those things so starting off number one even if you don't plan on playing the game today maybe you feel like you know what I'm just gonna sit on the game play it a little bit later on you might as well login because the game got 350,000 likes I assume on Facebook and so we all have this free Arosa line character a Rosaline there you go the kind and she's a Light Bearer so I will take that very nice free character I'll take it so that is that will take that there's also an event going on right now called Tavern bargains I don't really know what's going on we receive additional summon rewards when you summon heroes I do have a lot of diamonds and some Scrolls to do so we'll burn it out and see what this all about but I don't actually know what occurs via this tavern bargain there so that is that in addition ladies and gentlemen they've also added this brand new game mode called the voyage of wonder so this is very similar if you go back and look at the peaks of time it's pretty much the same type of gameplay as the peaks of time but this is a timed event as you guys can see 14 days in total I believe with 13 days left in 21 hours remaining so if you go in here and like I said pretty much like the peaks of time we got this little stage here and like I said I don't really know what's happening I think I have to use these turrets to blow up barrels and kind of bounce around but the the outside of the fact that this being a brand new gameplay mode it's also an additional way for you to get yourself ladies and gentlemen even more I don't know why I have Nomura here even more opportunities to get new heroes are I am Kay arena you got my attention oh my god let me out oh wait a minute that looking good not looking good for the home team we should be fine that this is my first fight in a long time I don't even know if I don't even know if these characters are probably equipped they might even be properly equipped let's not look at that right now um but you go through here and as you guys can see once you complete these bad boys look at this Scrolls very nice nice and it goes kind of on and on as far as I can see so an event perfectly designed to give you even more girls to do even more summon so I am Karina I see you I see yeah the one thing about voyage of Wonders however on this scales based on your account power so I don't know how that's gonna work out I feel like whales are probably gonna get screwed over pretty pretty substantially since the characters are basically gonna scale based on how powerful your account is so oh I don't know about that we'll see but here we are ladies and gentlemen let's get this on let's see some summons here see if there is any reason for me to come on back to the game and I want to see what this whole tavern thing is oh my god get these screens out of here well that was my faction summon so I guess these are my rewards right here no this is my auto retirement so I forgot that something that they added in the game when I was just leaving so all of those greens and things like that they automatically get retired and I get those so I'll take that nothing good out of my light berry summon nut not great not not up to a banging start I got ten generic Scrolls oh boy oh boy at least there are other ways to get heroes nowadays there's a purple there who will it be ladies and gentlemen it is a little cute little cat girl all right well it's time to start digging inside of our alright so this is what it was tavern token rewards did it did gotcha oh yeah I forgot they added a thing called signature item so they start dropping after chapter 17 what chapter am I on I see what chapter oh oh boy I got some work to do before I start seeing those signature items then alright so that is another way to increase the power of your character with a thing called signature items and shout out to AFK arena I was doing some reading on the game before I came back they added the signature like just think of like any other hero collector you ever played signature like weapons for specific heroes is basically what they added in the game and due to that they added those signature weapons to the enemies as well not to just the players so enemies also got that big power boost when it came to signature weapons and it threw the balance of the game off so shout out to FK arena for removing signature weapons from I don't know if it's from all of the campaign enemies but from a significant portion of them at least basically dropping the difficulty down this reminds me of the game that shan't be named marvel strike force when they added red stars to the game and they're like but they added all of that red star power to the enemies as well so it made it kind of a wash you didn't feel more powerful because the enemies also had red stars so that's kind of what it feels like here they gave the players signature weapons they gave the enemies signature weapons so it's like did I even get more powerful I don't know but we have to see oh this is a brand new character by the way very cool alright but does it doesn't really help my power in any significant way adios mio I got nothing out of any of this look at this Oh what is this what are you click in there little girl tavern token so that's that emblem there for this drops after 18 okay this is a factional hero choice card all right got it got it okay let me out let me out all right all right let's click it all right so go in here so this is kind of a setup isn't it it's always been kind of confused here I'll get another copy of her which is kind of cool I don't understand what this tavern bargain was I guess it was just these these emblems but it didn't feel any more special of a summoning than I'm used to yeah it felt it felt pretty much the same I feel like I got pretty much no power boost there so here are my light bears right here so we do have this cute little girl here I love this by the way oh look at this she even has a little beauty and the beast' going here hi I do like that so let me double check which characters I actually have equipment on did I have why did I have no more in my lineup I totally forgot why I put her in there I was just testing something I was testing but I want to go back into that voyage all right I think I did have the right team there voyage of Wonders all right pretty sad I couldn't even get past first stage but I think that's because my team is just all over the place I don't need to be using Tamura that's probably the wrong thing to be doing I probably should just throw back in I know what I was working on before I was putting Jumeirah in there especially with this faction screw-up I hold on hold on here let's let's fix this let us fix this ladies and gentlemen give me all that I'm just gonna just go super generic for now just to make it easy on myself here just let's make it easy cuz I just want to see what this is all about I want to see if you get like if it's like labyrinth and you get actual gear bonuses as well which means I do need to actually beat a stage that actually has to happen all right let's try this again let's see but yeah as you guys can see completely set ^ your squad can I get a nice heal there my boy Lucius nope you're just gonna die okay the first thing I just wanted I just I'm just gonna let this go because I want to see what happens after you win all right so you beat that yeah so it's just like doing a labyrinth run exactly the same but man did I just I get destroyed and as far as I know if you screw up like I just did right there you can just hit finish adventure just like the peaks of time what is the actual cliquey and then hit begin adventure again and start over if you need to and there's a little bit of flavor technical along with it so maybe I can get a little bit of a better a better rng on that first fight I feel oh no it's the first it's the same first fight no matter what I see I see alright well that is a of kareena ladies and gentlemen boys and girls they are making strides they are listening to the community you got to give them props for that I might actually be able to sneak myself out of this first round maybe Brutus is about to die I can't keep two tanks up at the moment that is just unfortunate Wow yeah my team's in shambles ladies and gentlemen it's an absolute shambles but I'll try to figure it out I'm gonna do some ascensions and see if I can do that a little bit better I do have a lot of extra stuff here so maybe I can kind of reef an angle my team a little bit so more to come that will do it ladies and gentlemen our boys and girls once again my name is FG 3000 wait a minute what else look out here alright just some blues alright hold up yeah – purple Wow alright we should have just did the outro I'm FG 3000 thank you as so much for watching and I'll see you guys in the next video later


22 thoughts on “SUMMONING + EVENTS ?! + Voyage of Wonders : AFK Arena”

  • naruto runners storming area 51 says:

    I got the new ligth hero And i got them from one friendship summon and i have Athlia I got her from summon so i have all clestean heros lol

  • Unfortunately, they can't fix what made me drop the game, too many quality of life features locked behind VIP. If you don't mind spending quite a bit of money then it's a pretty good game. I'm glad I don't have to waste time anymore on all those dispatch missions.

  • Rowans actually really good and that free Rosalina works too since you use lightbearers. You can check my video if you want to see Rosa with Mehira and Shemira. Also you can now fix your Double Legendary Lucius for 500 gems.

    Having constant new heroes does suck though, but I guess it's more for the whales. Most of those guys have 5* all characters so they need new content to keep spending. I wish they would slow down on that, but at least they are throwing gems, and scrolls at us making it easier to be F2P.

  • So FG, I’m wondering why you have 10k diamonds? Is it smarter to save up a lot? Every time I get to 2700, 4/5 times I use it on a ten bomb card pull. Is it smarter to save that much up?

  • For signature items you need a mythic hero to get them, to get the upgrade points so you can improve it you need to be on chapter 17 or do the draw event. Just to let anyone who wants to know

  • The new character is an amazing one to use for OP heroes like Shemira and Thane, giving them more survivability AND more damage. It raised my Guild Boss score immediately. Highly recommend!

  • Gerald Pickernell says:

    That's intense…. get to see afk again and I'm still a ftp guy. But im struggling and was hoping for more pointers

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