26 thoughts on “Summer Camp Nightmare c1987 Ebassy Home Entertainment”

  • If Runk the asshole punk wouldn't have howled so loud, Chris wouldn't have gotten caught making out with Heather!

  • The three brothers
    The oldest brother: the aggressive type who thinks is superior; stubborn and annoying
    The middle brother: tries to settle most things logically; backs up his younger brother; tries to slowly fight back his older brother
    The youngest brother: the sensitive type; is the most picked on; can be slightly annoying

    It's so astonishing how it's natural for three brothers to act like this. At least me and my brothers were like this

  • Ab-Dhul Alif Qadr Muhammad says:

    This is a propaganda film that instills the message that you need "Authority" to have a decent society. This is how it is done, and those behind this have been conveying this message for a very long time. This is in the theme of Animal Farm by George Orwell and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

  • It was all good innocent fun at first. 80s teen shenanigans, some partying and rebellion. But it all just became too much half way through. Things got out of hand quickly

  • olives peppers says:

    the children singing they're camp leader tells them "dirty jokes", children swearing, looking at pornography, sexually charged suggestive language I' m only less than 12 min. watching, apparently know one wonders what happened to 30 years of youth that look and act/character like zombies.

  • Jackie Marini says:

    I never went to summer camp .Does anybody know what it's really like ??🤘That's a good one paint buy number face lmao

  • Tanisha Greene says:

    Im an 80's baby and some how I never saw this movie till now. Those kids were off the chain. This is exactly why kids need structure. So things like this movie won't happen. They were killing people like it was nothing. Gotta love the 80's baby! !!

  • Adengo Andersson says:

    ohh my what a sumer camp, what happened to the two leaders who where locked inwhere the bodies of the two found?

  • WOW !!! AT 1.02.55 they're even telling "inmates" what to write on postcards ! Just like in the REAL camps…yes THOSE ones. Which EXISTED. The guys writing the script for this actually PAID ATTENTION to history. Hats off. Quite impressive !

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