10 thoughts on “Suffragettes to social media: the waves of feminism | all about women 2018”

  • TestingU 4Research says:

    Fourth wave speaker ruined what was a decent presentation and she received the most emphatic applause, sad. The fourth wave of feminism will sadly be the end of feminism, as with most liberal movements it will now eat itself alive.

  • TestingU 4Research says:

    Spoken and applauded with the same ferocity, bias, and prejudice as those leading the current ""patriarchal system." The hypocrisy is staggering.

  • Anyone who has ever studied feminism and sociology and the history of women in general will know how remarkably inspiring to women this festival has been. These women should go down in history as pioneers for the rights of women people who have been supressed and abused in societies created solely by men, endorsed by men and lived by men. Change cannot ever happen until people like these remarkable women take that step forward and make a stance. People generally accept what they are told and believe in the media as Trump admits basically most of the time which is fake news. All women owe it to themselves to watch these videos and find inspiration and joy in their hearts.

  • MGTOW will win the silent war with feminists demons MGTOW and SEXBOTs and dalls or just a fleshlite eliminates the need for women, MGTOW WILL WIN THE SILENT WAR ON MEN MGTOW, choke out the feminists court,MGTOW no need for women anymore,thanks

  • If only the feminist movement knew the truth and realized that THEY were being manipulated and controlled by a elite group of Men ,the banks and the government to suffer even more under feminism . You tube – Aaron Russo feminism

  • 1:11:05 Ms Summers states that she's not concerned about a bit of rough justice here and there. Light laughter and applause followed her statement. Heavy sigh. I'm shaking my head…. This is not the way to win bring thoughtful and fair minded people to identify as feminists.

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