Subliminal Advertising.  'IF' subliminal messages really work?


10 thoughts on “Subliminal Advertising. 'IF' subliminal messages really work?”

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  • Ian Macfarlane says:

    The BMW logo being a propeller is denied by BMW.
    I believed (for years) that the logo stood for two things – the propeller & the Bavarian flag – both of which made complete sense, however BMW have said that the propeller idea is a myth.
    I've no idea why they'd say this because it's certainly not controversial.
    It's hard to say what to believe, especially given the fact that you've shown an advertisement showing the logo as a propeller.

  • Nick 101 Space says:

    Great video bro. Hope there is no hidden meaning in ur logo, lolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I saw the word Subscribe was flashing in ur video there. Subliminal messaging.

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