Subconscious Effects of Media [Eng Sub] – Maulana Syed Nusrat Bukhari

Subconscious Effects of Media [Eng Sub] – Maulana Syed Nusrat Bukhari

The problems that we focus on is majorly affected by the Media our minds start thinking in that way like when you are trying to buy a product you aren’t buying it for no reason your decision is influenced by something you might think that this is my necessity in fact, it is not a necessity, it was made a necessity for you whenever you are watching a tv advertisement or on roads, it hits your subconscious mind that makes you think that a particular product is a necessity thus you end up buying something in a similar way there are other aspects of the media which affects our lives another aspect are the tv shows The TV shows which are generally made in Pakistan or India they are destroying (your soul) don’t shy away from this problem you might be wondering why do I speak about such issues like whatsapp and all My 6th Imam has said, “Aalim is a person who discusses people’s problems according to their times” we should know about all these issues. Who else will tell you about these issues look at the dramas, the personalities, the characters of these people they keep no difference in mehram and non-mehram there is no difference shown in halal or haram, still everyone is watching in Pakistan if you go in someone’s house, there are such dramas that one might think is shameful to even watch alone. Still the whole family sits and watches it together they have stopped being sensitive to what is halal and what is haram. wrong and haram relations and making such personalities. And some characters are there which do not exist in our lives but we try to find them in our lives, specially the youth I am addressing this for the youth, our boys or girls. they craft such characters, such trends of lives, unreal lives, that we start looking for these things in our lives. We then want our spouse to meet up that list of unreal expectations Respected people, all these things are an illusion these things are imaginary One of our friends who was a writer, I asked him why don’t you write good tv shows He replied that whenever I write good dramas they get rejected add some sensationalism, divorce, and polygamy to sell it this is what people want to watch Some characters are presented in such a way that whenever the camera is set on them, a typical music starts playing (to sensationalise) When it comes to our real lives thinking that for example, an aunt comes to our place and something bad happens (as coincidence) the affect of dramas was so much that we think that the bad has happened because she came. and there are such stories about mother in laws this is because day and night these matters are fed to you (through media) people have started being so superstitious that if someone slips on a wet tile, they start suspecting black magic are people so free to do that to you? there is so much hate. Respected people, I live in the same society not an outsider so many people are sitting and spreading hate backbiting bad habits. If you go out anywhere which says that parking is not allowed otherwise there will be a fine. And in your country specifically, there is so much tension of parking, that everytime people want to switch parking spaces. Thus you will bear problems to follow the rules and if you go to a doctor and if he says that one is sick, will need an injection or a surgery has to take place one quietly listens and obeys, without saying a word all rules are respected there. But when Quran puts down rules like do not speak lies do not backbite do not lie about somebody do not joke about somebody we tend to disobey just because you will not be fined for this now and god is not recording you physically. And if he was recording you, you would be worried about godly fines That place does not need a camera flashing at you (to record your deeds) but once god sends his azaab, then everything will stay still. Respected people, give in to the orders of the Quran


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