[SUB-EN] Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?

[SUB-EN] Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?

So this video may not include Fox News’s
dumbest anti-atheist question of the year because after all back in January I did upload
a video showing a Fox and Friends anchor reacting to President Obama’s inaugural address mentioning
non-believers by asking if mentioning atheists as actually offensive. But the question I
saw asked on Fox News yesterday was definitely a contender, it came at the end of a story
about the decision of a Pennsylvania town to stop allowing holiday displays in the town
square, that you can see a teaser for the story here.
[Fox News Anchor] All holiday displays completely banned, why folks in one town chose to ditch
the holiday instead of allowing atheists to celebrate in their town.
[Liberal Viewer] Hmm now not only is that teaser exaggerated because the town only stopped
allowing holiday displays in the town square and this nativity display may be relocated
across the street to the presperterian church, but blaming the decision on atheists for wanting
to erect a sign in the town square celebrating the solstice and honouring atheist war veterans
is also an exaggeration because Fox and Friends had already heard from council man Glen Mans
that the towns real concerns were about opening up the town square as a forum for any display
as you can see in this clip. [Glen Mans] Our concerns weren’t so much
about the display of an atheist sign, I think our community was big enough to withstand
that. But there are numerous other organisations out there, some would be considered hate organisations,
some anti-American, and we really didn’t want to see the centre of our square become
a forum for political hate speech. [Liberal Viewer] Now that explanation is a
little different from the teaser claiming that all holiday displays had been banned
in that town to stop atheists from celebrating but the dumbest anti-atheist spin in this
story came at the end when Fox News anchor Ainsley Earhardt asked a question about why
the proposed sign from the Pennsylvania non-believers group would honour atheist war veterans, that
you can see here. [Ainsley Earhardt] My question is: If they
want to honour the veterans that have passed away but they’re atheists who don’t believe
in life after death, who are they really honouring? [Male Anchor] Mmm, you just got all esoteric
on me, I don’t know if I can handle that. [Liberal Viewer] Huh I don’t think esoteric
was the right word to describe that question, I think dumb would be closer especially because
it makes it sound like Ainsley Earhardt honours the dead not out of love or respect but only
because she’s worried they’re watching her. But I want to know what you think. [Remainder
follows on screen]


14 thoughts on “[SUB-EN] Fox News Dumbest Anti-Atheist Question of the Month?”

  • I dislike Christians due to the fact their almost like worshiping Jesus as a god.
    Doesnt one comendment say not to worship any other gods than God.

  • @ThinkAtheism judaism is the only form of monoism(one God thing?) I can tolerate. Mostly because they arnt like running around declaring holy wars, the fact they have culture and no offspring cults(Jehovas wittneses,mormons or others)

  • No, they shouldn't have hate speech in their town commons. But a private atheist sign is a good thing.

    And I do think that is another dumb Fox moment. Add it to the heap.

  • Atheist, if you do not believe in God, you will feel very sorry when you are in Hell. You will be very angry of yourself why you didnt accept Jesus when you were in Earth. Be carefully. You will remember what I tell you. Jesus love you all with His Heart. Jesus want to save you when you accept Him. I respect your chose. Its not my meaning to insult you. I want you to read the bible. You will repent before its too late. Thanks.

  • Atheists are not doing this crap on Christmas to honor atheist soldiers. They did it to be DOUCHE BAGS to piss off Christians. It is about respect; atheists lack respect, and its about HATE not free speech. Atheists want to put THERE IS NO GOD placards on Baby Jesus, that is just anti-Free Speech.

  • @gmcjetpilot "that is just anti- Free Speech"
    Quite the contrary. By stopping atheists from doing such things is preventing their free speech. Christians are still allowed to voice their opinions, and so are atheists. Just because what we say happens to offend you, it doesn't mean we can't say it.
    And by "lack respect" do you mean "voice opinions different from mine"? I've been very respectful in this message, I haven't stereotyped you or called you a "douche bag". You're a bit of a hypocrite.

  • @mamushi72sai5575
    I hear you, but what, where and why? Atheism stands for nothing, has no written book of morals or wisdom, virtual NOTHINGNESS…. You can't favor nothing? So Atheist end up being ANTI religion and don't want neutrality, they want to erase religion from society, at least force it so far underground it can't ever be seen. So ACLU sues over a flag with a tiny cross at a cemetery? How does that establish religion? WE'RE A NATION OF RELIGIOUS PEOPLE…TOLERATE IT & SHUT UP! Please

  • it doesn't even honour them to god- it's honouring them to everyone so people will remember their sacrifice, so it's quite disrespectful for her to say they shouldn't be included and remembered when they did the same as the christians who died

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